This website is dedicated to telling the truth about the terminally corrupt and dishonest entity known as South Australia Police / SAPOL.

SAPOL is Hopelessly Corrupt

Formed in 1838, South Australia Police (SAPOL) poses as a law enforcement agency. In reality, its primary functions are to raise revenue for the SA government, form lucrative alliances with criminals (most notably drug producers/dealers), extort South Australians, protect influential pedophiles, and vigorously harrass and falsely prosecute those who resist or publicly highlight its corrupt activities.

Revenue Raising & Extortion

SAPOL has a long history of extorting South Australians – everything from revenue-raising via traffic fines to standing over brothels.

Child Abuse & Pedophilia

SAPOL’s involvement with child abuse has encompassed direct abuse by officers, and the protection of influential South Australians involved in pedophilia.

Drug Trafficking

SAPOL officers, detectives and senior figures have long been involved in the illegal drug trade. Those who have stepped forward with information on SAPOL’s involvement have been subject to extreme persecution from the highly vindictive force.

Sexual Predation

SAPOL is a haven for sex predators. A 2016 Equal Opportunity Commission report found an alarming incidence of sexual harassment and predation (including rape) within SAPOL. The reported incidence of sexually predatory behaviour in SAPOL was 21 per cent higher than the general population figure (49 per cent vs 28 per cent).


SAPOL officers routinely keep poor and inaccurate records of seized and recovered items, especially seized drugs. This allows them to unlawfully siphon off the items for personal use, resale, and as payment to informants. SAPOL officers have also been known to directly steal from crime scenes, businesses and households whilst on patrol, and to divulge the location of valuable goods and vulnerable properties to green-lighted thieves.

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