Former Senior South Australia Police Officer Arrested on Child Sex Charges


Breaking news:

A former senior SAPOL police officer in his 70s from the Murraylands has been arrested on child sex charges.

The alleged sex predator is reported to be an ex-country cop.

The retired officer, father and grandfather is said to be heavily involved with local sporting organisations. Sadly, this is a common pedophile strategy aimed at getting close to kids and creating goodwill in order to slip underneath people’s radars.

Locals are reported to be in shock at the allegations.

The alleged pedophile has been charged with one count of communicating to make a child amenable to sexual activity.

The alleged offences took place between 15 May – 5 June 2022.

The man is currently on police bail. His name has been suppressed and the media is forbidden from identifying him in any way until his court appearance in August.

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