South Australia Police Goons Taser, Pepper Spray and Violently Assault 61 YO Care Resident


Mick Francis, the 61 year old Huntington's disease patient who was violently assaulted by gutless SAPOL thugs on October 26, 2023.

South Australia Police is full of maladjusted cowards with low-to-moderate intelligence, few qualifications, and poor people skills. These malevolents typically have low self esteem and hence relish the sense of power endowed by carrying a gun and badge. When you challenge that sense of power, they quickly lose their composure and become irrational and often violent – even when you are a care resident with Huntington’s disease.

Huntington’s disease is a very serious, inherited neurological disorder with no cure. The disease destroys cells throughout the brain, causing symptoms that get worse over time. Through no fault of their own, sufferers experience cognitive and psychiatric disorders and hence need to be treated with care and compassion.

The average SAPOL officer, of course, wouldn’t know care or compassion if it crawled up their grossly overpaid a-hole. So when two SAPOL sociopaths were called to a care home on Thursday, October 26, to “help” SA ambulance officers deal with a 61-year-old Huntington’s patient Mick Francis, things quickly went pear-shaped.

SAPOL has a long, proud habit of making situations far worse than they need to be, as this allows SAPOL to fabricate spurious charges and keep their prosecutors busy. True to form, the two gutless goons who showed up at the care facility promptly exercised SAPOL’s infamous anti-Midas Touch, where everything it touches quickly turns to sh!t. An “altercation” developed between the goons and Mick, which resulted in the cops tasering and pepper-spraying him. They then launched a sickening assault on Mick, the footage of which Channel 9 described as “disturbing”.

During the assault, Mick was violently kneed and dragged along the ground by the two oxygen thieves from SAPOL.

SAPOL claimed the injuries Mick sustained were “minor”. So minor, he needed to be taken to hospital.

SAPOL further showed it had nothing to hide by emailing a threat to all local media outlets that if they played the disturbing footage, they would be prosecuted.

Despite the assault by the two cowardly cops being caught on camera, they have been suspended with full pay while an “investigation” (cover up) takes place.


Police officers stood down after man Tasered at Adelaide care facility. Channel 9  News.

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