South Australia Police Raid and Damage Wrong House in Drug Bust


The evil clown show that is SAPOL, smashing their way into an innocent household in yet another display of their rampant stupidity.

SAPOL’s Drug Squad and STAR Force violently rammed through the front gate of a Western suburbs property, before smashing their way into the house and rummaging through the occupants’ possessions.

Significant damage was caused to the property, but there was a problem:

The morons from SAPOL were at the wrong address. The dope plants these clowns were looking for were at the house next door.

The innocent couple who lived at the drug-free house were not home when the clueless goons smashed their way in, but said it has been a traumatic experience. They told Channel 7 they’d had to take time off from work in order to deal with tradies hired to repair the damage caused by the idiots at SAPOL.


Drug busts are an important revenue stream for SAPOL, as they allow the corrupt force to replenish stock that they then resell and distribute to informants (ever wondered why there are so many drugs on the streets when our police are constantly bragging about all the drugs they’ve taken off the streets?). You would think that after decades of corruption they would have drug busts down to a fine art, but they can’t even do that right.

This is what happens when you give guns and badges to maladjusted half-wits who struggled to get through year 10.

Let’s have a big round of applause for SAPOL, the world’s most useless police force.

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