SAPOL Sergeant Glen Gitsham Falsely Accuses Man of “Shop Theft” then Assaults Him


SAPOL Sargeant Glen Gitsham ID # 742

Jason Scott was minding his own business and leaving a shopping centre when he was confronted by aggressive SAPOL goon Sergeant Glen Gitsham.

The Port Adelaide police sergeant accused Jason of “shop theft”. It was a false accusation, as Jason had not stolen anything from anyone.

Gitsham claimed he had video evidence, but repeatedly refused to show it.

Gitsham demanded Jason state his name and address. Knowing he did nothing wrong, Jason declined to provide his name and address.

Gitsham then became violent and threw Jason to the ground.

More goons arrived, and they confirmed what Jason insisted all along: He had not stolen anything.

This video shows the before-and-after of Gitsham’s assault on Jason, as his phone was snatched from him immediately prior to the assault.

Congratulations you useless clowns, for assaulting yet another innocent, law-abiding citizen while your workmates sell drugs, rape underage girls, molest kids and young teens, drive like dangerous lunatics and extort brothels. Gee, what would South Australia ever do without you!

For an organization that continually whines about being under-resourced and under-staffed, you sure have a lot of time on your hands to harass and assault innocent citizens!

After making a formal complaint about the deranged Gitsham’s behaviour, Jason has been subject to further police harassment. You can visit his channel here:

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