Meet Sergeant Timothy John Schroeder, the Gutless, Foul-Mouthed, Road-Raging, Hoon-Driving Cop Who Assaulted a Man for Briefly Tooting His Horn


SAPOL: The sick joke that has the resources to send several cars and six officers to defend the fragile ego of butt-hurt cowards like Sergeant Timothy John Schroeder, but not to execute arrest warrants on actual violent criminals.

Take a good look at the character above: His name is Sergeant Timothy John Schroeder, badge # 44015, another sad example of the self-entitled, insanely hypocritical rabble that comprises South Australia Police.

On Sunday 25 September 2022, Schroeder was out doing a spot of revenue-raising when he pulled over a vehicle on the city-bound side of North East Road for allegedly doing a U-turn. Instead of directing the driver off the busy arterial and into a side street or one of the many off-street car parks, Schroeder – like so many of his idiot colleagues – thought it would be a great idea to stop the driver right on the road, blocking an entire lane in the process. In doing so, Schroeder turned three lanes of smooth-flowing traffic into two lanes of bottle-necked chaos.

And it was chaos: Cars were having to suddenly stop and merge after cresting a hill and being greeted by a lane completely blocked by Schroeder. It was a scene of confusion and near-misses, all because some reckless officer was determined to meet his fine quota.

To put Schroeder’s reckless behaviour into perspective, the section of North East Road that runs between Modbury and Windsor Gardens is a busy, crowded and perilous carriageway that routinely appears in Adelaide’s 10 worst accident hotspots list.

In 2021, figures from AAMI placed North East Road at Holden Hill – right in the middle of this treacherous stretch, and right where the terribly irresponsible Schroeder was deliberately causing a severe bottleneck – as the fourth worst accident hotspot in Adelaide.

In 2022, North East Road at Windsor Gardens tied with Regency Road, Prospect as the fifth most accident-prone section of road in Adelaide, while North East Road at Modbury ranked number 6.

In 2023, North East Road at Modbury and North East Road at Holden Hill tied for the dubious honour of Adelaide’s seventh-worst accident hostpot.

North East Road, in other words, is not a road to be causing serious bottlenecks in order to meet your fine quota. Doing so is not only terribly inconsiderate, it is stupid, reckless and dangerous.

Not that Schroeder cares. Like so many cops, he’s a Selfish Prick (to use SAPOL’s very own vernacular) that doesn’t care if his actions cause inconvenience and danger to other road users. His workmates are also Selfish Pricks, placing revenue generation far above actual road safety and crime prevention. If you ever want to see what a truly useless human being looks like, be sure to drop into Holden Hill police station some time. Try reporting a theft or someone threatening you, for example, and you’ll be blown away – not by their empathy and efficiency – but by the sheer disinterest your matter receives. And when you try to ring them for a follow-up on the matter, you’ll discover they’ve cleverly installed a phone system that makes them uncontactable.

Corruption and revenue generation, you see, are far more important to SAPOL than finding your stolen jewelery or apprehending that nutter who’s been threatening you with bodily harm. So what if you end up getting murdered, as long as the twats from Holden Hill meet their strict fine quotas, everything is hunky dorey with these lazy, sociopathic robots.

Lest you harbour any doubts as to what the true priorities are at the Holden Hill police “compound”, in 2011 The Advertiser obtained an email sent from Holden Hill Senior Sergeant Andrew McCracken ordering patrol officers to meet quotas for the number of arrests, drink driving reports, traffic and drug offences in a five-week period.

“Those who cannot or choose not to reach these benchmarks will need to provide an explanation to their sergeant and me,” threatened McCracken.

And so, on 25 September 2022, while Schroeder was out meeting his “benchmarks”, he stopped the alleged U-turner just over the crest of the hill that peaks at Tarton Road. Because, hey, if you’re going to cause a serious traffic obstruction, why not do it in an especially dangerous spot where people crest a hill and have to suddenly stop and merge because you’ve nonchalantly decided to block an entire lane?

This is how SAPOL improves road safety – by creating dangerous traffic hazards on perilous stretches of road!


Any traffic researcher with half a brain can tell you that sudden reductions in speed and suddenly having to merge lanes are major risk factors for traffic accidents. Problem is, the semi-literate Schroeder is no traffic researcher and his behaviour is strongly indicative of someone lacking even half a brain.

While Schroeder was happily causing traffic chaos, an individual who we’ll call Anthony was driving along the city-bound side of North East Road. He was enjoying the unusually smooth flow of traffic, until he began cresting the Tarton Road hill and suddenly found himself, along with hordes of other motorists, in the middle of a chaotic scene as cars were forced to suddenly go from 60 km/h to a virtual standstill, all while 3 lanes of traffic attempted to merge into 2 lanes without swiping each other.

Anthony has a history with the sleazy, vindictive grubs at South Australia Police, but not because he is a criminal or bad driver. Unlike many cops, Anthony has no criminal tendencies, has never used illicit recreational drugs (never even smoked a cigarette), and has a rating 1, accident-free driving record that spans almost 40 years. Something very few cops at SAPOL – replete as it is with sexually deviant binge drinkers, drug dealers and users, coward punchers, rapists, pedophiles and pedophile protectors, hebephiles, reckless drivers, hoon drivers, drink drivers, hit and run drivers, unhinged ex-military thugs, prostitutes, the list goes on – can boast.

The reality is that if everyone drove like Anthony, the road toll would be next to zero.

Anthony is also a community-minded individual who has performed volunteer work to assist assimilation of migrants and refugees, routinely gives generously to charitable animal welfare causes, and often stops to pick up stray/injured dogs and reunite them with their owners or rush them to an emergency vet.

But instead of being thanked for his benevolent mindset and conscientious driving, the scum at SAPOL simply won’t leave Anthony alone. He’s a good person, and if there’s one thing evil SAPOL hates, it’s good people.

Anthony’s issues with SCUMPOL began in January 2016, when a cop from the notoriously dishonest Sturt station falsely accused Anthony of travelling at 78 km/h in a 60 km/h zone, and attempted to fine him over $400 in the process.

It was physically impossible at the time for Anthony to have been doing the speed the sleazy cop claimed, so he immediately challenged the fine. The filthy grubs at SAPOL chased Anthony for two-and-a-half years via the unlawfully created Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit and through the courts before finally admitting the dishonest Sturt police officer did not have the legally required notes nor did SAPOL have the legally required documentation for the Lidar device wielded by said dishonest cop.

In 2017, Anthony was pulled over by another hopelessly dishonest traffic cop, and absurdly accused of having an obstructed number plate. But the number plate was not obstructed, and photos taken at the time clearly proved as much. The dishonest cop who wrote the fine – an angry, fat, lonely little man who we are informed drinks and walks alone after hours because he has no friends (we’re told even other cops hate traffic cops, which is really saying something) – changed his story repeatedly when Anthony challenged the fine, and even cited non-existent legislation to justify it.

Despite Anthony presenting photographic evidence early on showing the number plate was clearly visible, sleazy SAPOL pursued him for ten months over the fine, despite admitting in behind-the-scenes correspondence (obtained via FOI request) that his photographic evidence showed the number plate to be clearly visible. The revenue-chasing criminals at SAPOL only dropped the matter right before it was due to be heard in court along with another matter for which they were vexatiously and maliciously prosecuting Anthony for.

Anthony was arrested for that other matter the same day fat dishonest angry lonely traffic cop falsely issued the fraudulent number plate fine. Two other cops rolled up after Officer No-Friends radioed for back up, and to Anthony’s shock, he was arrested for “assault” and “property damage.”

During the arrest, the handcuffed Anthony was patted down by a Senior Constable Scott “Willi” Osborne. It seems Willi’s little willy got the better of him during the pat down. He’d already patted down Anthony’s buttock area and confirmed his back pockets were empty. But apparently overcome by the sight and feel of Anthony’s round muscular buttocks, an aroused Willi couldn’t help but have another feel, this time not patting but directly groping Anthony’s right buttock.

The grumpy Scott Willi Osborne: We’re informed he looked much happier after having a grope of Anthony’s butt.

It turns out SAPOL had colluded with a sleazy criminal known as Harley David Johnstone, an accused rapist from Beulah Park, to stitch Anthony up on these false charges. The motivation for both of these criminal entities was to punish Anthony for having the temerity to stand up to their sleazy, malevolent and outrageously dishonest behaviour.

Known online as “Durianrider”, Johnstone was a notorious internet troll and cyberstalker who quite literally made a living out of being a nasty prick. His claims to fame included threatening to slash the throats of his critics, incessantly bragging about having been to prison, threatening and taunting a motorist on Norton Summit Road (exacerbating the already unwanted animosity between motorists and cyclists, all in pursuit of YouTube hits), encouraging people to commit credit card fraud, declaring most women to be “basic handbag-wearing bitches”, calling a recently-bashed domestic violence victim a “dumb bitch” and “fucking doormat loser”, and publicly denouncing a genuine cancer victim as a “scammer” after she launched a GoFundMe to raise money for her treatment. Turns out this unfortunate young lady was no scammer, because after her funding promptly dried up thanks to the satanic Johnstone, she died of aggressive breast cancer – the same disease that had prematurely claimed the lives of her mother and sister. To add insult to injury, she went to her grave receiving nasty emails from angry morons who believed serial scumbag and liar Johnstone.

Johnstone, in short, is a disgusting lowlife. Just the kind of character his fellow criminal scum at SAPOL are delighted to collaborate with in order to persecute a mutual and innocent enemy.

Johnstone, an emaciated nutcase masquerading as a ‘vegan’ health and fitness expert, attracted attention to his monetized social media channels by caustically attacking other health and fitness commentators, accusing them of being scammers, sex predators and steroid users. It was later revealed that Johnstone is a scammer, sex predator and steroid user, so it is clear – like SAPOL – Johnstone’s stock-in-trade was to falsely accuse others of offences that he himself was guilty of.

Not only would Johnstone virulently blindside innocent people online, he would rally his stupid and gullible followers to do the same. Victims would then be subject to a barrage of nasty emails from Johnstone and his followers, as well as being subject to hateful and defamatory comments on social media and online forums.

In 2011, the sleazy vegan fraudster began targeting Anthony, who initially tried fobbing off Johnstone’s defamatory attacks with a mix of humour and facts (both alien concepts to the humourless, lying grub that is Johnstone).

Rather than acknowledge his idiotic antics were not welcome and to kindly piss off, Johnstone instead escalated his attacks, making a series of increasingly false and nasty allegations (just like his rapist mates at SAPOL are wont to do). The highly defamatory nature of these allegations forced Anthony to seek the (expensive) services of a defamation lawyer. This quietened Johnstone for a while, but eventually the sleazy bogan stalker recommenced his defamatory attacks and threats.

In 2016, Anthony was walking his dog with a friend when he was hit by a cyclist after turning the corner at the very top of Kensington Road at Skye lookout. The cyclist was not watching where he was travelling, was looking down (and admitted this in a subsequent YouTube video), and was one of three cyclists illegally riding three abreast. Anthony, a keen cyclist himself, was appalled by their behaviour. He was further appalled when they rode straight towards him and his dog. Trapped in the middle of the V-shaped formation, he focused on protecting his dog and braced himself to withstand the impending collision with the law-breaking cyclist in the middle. It was a low-speed collision occurring on a steep gradient, causing the dimwitted cyclist to fall over and land on his bony ass.

The cyclist began swearing and hurling abuse, and it was at this point Anthony noticed the word “VEGAN” on the cyclist’s jersey. As the cyclist struggled to get his bony carcass off the ground, Anthony realized he was looking at none other than Harley David Johnstone.

Anthony challenged the gutless Johnstone to make good on his 5-year stream of taunts and threats. “You’ve got a big mouth and you’ve had a lot to say about me online,” Anthony told Johnstone, “so why don’t we sort this out now?”

Johnstone, the wannabe gangster who brags about having been stabbed and having been to prison, was literally trembling and pretended he didn’t know who Anthony was. Instead of backing up his online bravado, he waited for Anthony and his friend to leave, then called the police and claimed he’d been “sucker punched” while riding his bike.

SAPOL, already butt-hurt because Anthony had the temerity to challenge the fraudulent speeding fine issued by dodgey Sturt cop, jumped at the opportunity to pursue Anthony for a criminal offense. The vindictive maggots at SAPOL colluded with Johnstone to concoct a ridiculous story that went as follows:

On 29 March 2016, Anthony somehow sucker punched Johnstone in the mouth while the latter was riding his bike. Not only did Anthony’s magic heat-seeking fist manage to navigate its way to Johnstone’s mouth despite him wearing a bulky helmet and having his head down between his outstretched arms, this heat-seeking fist was so powerful it sent Johnstone “flying” off his bike and into the air.

Heck, Mike Tyson would be envious of a punch like that.

Despite Anthony’s magical heat-seeking fist never making contact with the bike, and despite the collision occurring at around 6-7 km/h on a steep gradient, SAPOL and Johnstone claimed the bike sustained – wait for it – $6,651.95 of damage!

The terminal liars that are SAPOL and Johnstone supported this ridiculous figure by tendering a fraudulent invoice written by a shonk named Ash McDougall, then of Giant Store Adelaide. McDougall claimed the bike needed everything from a new frameset and wheels to handlebar tape.

McDougall did not state why these components needed to be replaced, nor was any evidence ever tendered that Johnstone’s bike actually suffered any damage. That’s because his bike was fine, and SAPOL knew it. Johnstone actually boasted in a video recorded the same night that he kept riding the bike up and down Kensington Road after the confrontation, and the video actually shows his bike completely intact. Furthermore, the two SAPOL morons that attended the scene saw his undamaged bike with their own eyes.

Despite all this, Johnstone successfully submitted a fraudulent claim to CGU Insurance and was paid $6,500 for his undamaged bike. To successfully pull off this swindle, all he needed was the police report number provided by his accomplices at SAPOL, and the fraudulent invoice written up by shonky McDougall.

During Anthony’s trial, and in information he obtained via FOI, it became crystal clear that SAPOL knew of Johntone’s fraudulent insurance claim – yet they did nothing about it.

Why not?

Because SAPOL themselves are a bunch of fraudulent criminals whose real focus is revenue generation, corruption, and getting revenge on people like Anthony who stand up to their malfeasance and criminality.

SAPOL knew full well the charges were complete rubbish, but pursued them anyway at taxpayer expense with the intent of teaching Anthony a lesson. The only lesson Anthony learned from all this is that SAPOL are nasty malevolent filth who will team up with the lowest of the low in order to get revenge on people they don’t like.

When Anthony’s lawyer questioned one of the numerous prosecutors assigned to his case – a frumpy Legal Aid reject by the name of Ms S Krishnan – as to why SAPOL were proceeding with the ridiculous charges, she said she was scared she would face the online wrath of Johnstone if she dropped the charges!

So it’s OK for someone else to endure years of stalking, threats and harassment from Johnstone, but when a gutless member of SAPOL is worried she might be subject to such treatment, she keeps wasting tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to prosecute someone she knows damn well is innocent of the allegations against him.

You’re a gutless disgrace, Krishnan.

Eventually, Anthony faced trial for the garbage charges. The magistrate found them so nonsensical the trial was cut short on day 2 of the trial, with Anthony emphatically acquitted by way of Prasad decision. A Prasad direction is where the magistrate or judge hears the prosecution case, decides it is so appalling they don’t even need to hear the defence presentation, and instead calls an end to the circus.

While he was relieved to have been acquitted, the fact remains that defending the charges was a costly and emotionally draining affair for Anthony. Which was exactly what SAPOL intended. They knew the charges had no merit, but they hated Anthony for standing up to them and wanted to punish him. SAPOL routinely does this to people, because SAPOL doesn’t have to pay for it – it is the taxpayers who have to finance SAPOL’s vindictive streak.

Realizing his plan to send Anthony to jail and milk him of nearly $7,000 had failed, Johnstone – the self-proclaimed hardman – ran from the courtroom in tears. He went back online and continued his defamation campaign against Anthony.

By early 2020, after Johnstone even managed to get Anthony’s website shutdown by filing a vexatious DMCA claim, the latter’s patience was starting to wear thin. During a chance encounter at the Adelaide Central Market, Anthony confronted Johnstone, who was accompanied by his girlfriend and another man. Upon sighting Anthony, Johnstone quickly abandoned his ‘friends’ and tried to make a run for it. Anthony caught up with him, hoisted him in the air, then slammed his sorry backside into the pavement. Anthony then sat atop Johnstone and, instead of unleashing a well-deserved ground and pound, educated the gathering crowd on why Johnstone was a great person to keep their daughters away from. He twisted Johnstone’s ears, lightheartedly slapped him Three Stooges-style, and asked how he enjoyed being held down by a heavier male.

At no point did Anthony slam Johnstone on his “head” or “punch him five times with a closed fist” as the woefully dishonest prosecutor, a Ms Y Clegg, falsely claimed. Nor did he have two criminal convictions, as Clegg falsely told the court.

Anthony was represented by an overpaid clown called Andrew Moffa, a “hot shot” lawyer of over 40 years’ practise who suspiciously acted like it was his first day on the job. Despite knowing Anthony had no prior convictions, he did not challenge the dishonest Clegg. Nor did he denounce her false description of the incident between Anthony and Durianwanker. The CCTV footage would have confirmed what a liar Clegg was, but it was never played in court. When Anthony later challenged Moffa on this, the latter admitted he had not even seen the CCTV footage!

In what looked, sounded and stank like a stitch-up, the presiding magistrate, a raging misogynist by the name of John Jack Gerard Fahey (more about this character shortly) declared to the court he was not interested in anything Anthony had to say. The irony being Anthony had not had a chance to say anything, he had relied on Moffa, who happily threw him under the bus.

By the way, for those not deterred by Anthony’s experiences and still tempted to hire Moffa, be aware the overpriced dwarf is suffering a potentially terminal illness. Looks like the Alcohol and Prostitutes Diet is not a good long-term health option. Should’ve stuck with the Mediterranean diet of your forebears, Moffa. Oh well, you like to fancy yourself as a medical expert, Andrew, we’re sure you’ll figure it out.

The end result was that Anthony was finally lumped with a criminal conviction, something SAPOL had been trying to achieve for so long.

Well done SAPOL, you worthless, evil scum! You let pedos walk free, but when a non-criminal who is sick of being harassed by you and your deviant buddy Johnstone finally snaps after years of sustained harassment, you’re all over it like a rash.

You really are a pack of evil lowlifes, aren’t you?

As you might surmise, Anthony doesn’t like SAPOL, and one can hardly blame him. He has seen first hand what an evil fraud they are, driving around in cars with “Keeping SA Safe” logos, while they actively work to make SA corrupt and unsafe.

And so on 25 September 2022, when he crested the hill at Tarton Road, Holden Hill and was greeted by a chaotic traffic scene caused by Selfish Prick Schroeder, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Here was a member of the same pack of malfeascant grubs who kept pursuing Anthony relentlessly for things he did not do, causing a very real traffic hazard on one of SA’s most accident-prone stretches of road!

As he passed the irresponsible Schroeder, an exasperated Anthony tooted his horn. Video/audio footage shows the horn sound lasted 1.5 seconds.

Bodycam footage shows that in response, the foul-mouthed Schroeder promptly exclaimed “FUCKING WANKER!”, quickly jumped in his car, impatiently muttered “c’mon, c’mon!” as he waited to pull into the traffic, then began speeding dangerously down North East Road.

Schroeder’s bodycam footage also captured his speedometer while he was driving, and it shows the road-raging cop hit speeds of 90 km/h – THIRTY KM/H OVER THE SPEED LIMIT – as he tore down North East Road in pursuit of the driver who hurt his tender little feelings.

If Schroeder was any kind of ethical, rational human being, he would have responded to Anthony’s brief horn toot by saying to himself, “fair play! After all, I am being a selfish prick, pretending to be about road safety when I’m in fact causing a major traffic hazard. I’ll take a hint from that guy and, in future I’ll act responsibly and pull motorists off the road before fining them.”

But of course, Schroeder is not an ethical, rational human being. He’s a SAPOL cop.

So instead, he flew into a rage and put innocent people’s lives in danger by travelling at grossly excessive speeds down a perilous stretch of road.

Sounds like a FUCKING WANKER to us!

After catching up with Anthony at the next set of lights, Mr Fucking Wanker got out of his car and tapped on Anthony’s window.

Now, if Schroeder had anything resembling a set of balls, he would have said something like, “hey mate, I have very low self esteem, and you really hurt my feelings back there! I challenge you to a duel!”

To which Anthony could have replied “and I challenge you to piss off and go see a therapist” or “sure, I’ll fight you, you psychotic hoon-driving weasel!”

But the gutless Schroeder did not challenge Anthony to a duel. Instead he asked Anthony to pull over across the intersection, without explaining why.

So naturally, Anthony asked “Why?”

Mr Fucking Wanker refused to state why. He simply repeated his demand for Anthony to pull over at the service station.

If the demented, hoon-driving Schroeder wasn’t going to pay Anthony the courtesy of stating why he wanted him to pull over, Anthony wasn’t going to pay him the courtesy of pulling over.

Anthony knew full well he’d done nothing wrong, and that the only reason he was being asked to pull over was because he’d hurt Schroeder’s fragile ego.

Schroeder, who it seems has watched way too many installments of the Fast and Furious, quickly began flashing his lights, sounding his siren and swerving all over the road behind Anthony’s vehicle. It was a truly appalling display of mental illness by Schroeder.

Enraged at being tooted at, but also being a pathetic coward, Schroeder radioed for back up.

While Schroeder was in the throes of his demented, mouth-frothing road rage, Anthony casually drove back to his residence. Even with an unhinged and armed nutter chasing him, Anthony remained calm, did not speed, indicated at all turns and – unlike looney tunes Schroeder – was a model of safe and sensible driving at all times.

Upon arriving at his residence, Anthony pulled into his driveway. Schroeder pulled up, blocking the driveway. Despite a clearly placed NO ENTRY sign at the front gate, Schroeder approached the driveway. Anthony blocked his passage, pointed to the NO ENTRY sign, and told Schroeder in no uncertain terms he was not to enter the property. Doing so would have constituted an illegal trespass.

The cowardly Schroeder desperately wanted to enter the property, but scared that any attempt to do so would see him suffer the same fate as SAPOL stooge Johnstone, he waited until back up arrived before he and his fellow gutless goons commenced their illegal trespass.

Finally back up arrived. Another FOUR police vehicles, containing another six overpaid goons, pulled up outside the premises. Among the gathered assembly of goons were:

Senior Constable Linton (ID # 73511), a smug, obnoxious character who apparently fancies himself as Ned Kelly. Or maybe his personal grooming is styled after loudmouth Isaac Butterfield – he certainly has the smarmy, know-it-all personality to match (Butterfield is a wannabe comedian every bit as annoying as the woke lefties he purports to hate. If the comedy gig doesn’t work out, we’re sure SAPOL would love to have Butterfield aboard. After all, they’re big fans of Aboriginal jokes at the racist SAPOL).

Bushranger wannabe, Senior Constable Linton.

Attending with Linton were a Senior Constable ‘First Class’ Gregory Blieden (ID # 75638) and Constable Emma Whenan (ID # 76643), both of the STAR group at Netley, the clueless goon squad that recently smashed its way into a Western suburbs property and turned the place upside down looking for drugs – only to realize they were at the wrong address. The dope plants these idiots were looking for were in fact at the house next door.

Gregory Blieden (ID # 75638)


Emma Whenan (ID # 76643)

Senior Constable Paul Bailey, a bloated, plodding character whose intelligence is low even by SAPOL’s dismal standards. Bailey is such a piece of work that we’re tempted to devote a separate article to him and his role in this disgraceful fracas.

Constable Paul Bailey standing around doing what government workers do best: Nothing.

A tall, sour-faced woman who remains unidentified, so we’ll just call her Clueless Idiot in Hi-Viz. If she takes offense to this moniker, she’s more than welcome to forward her real name, rank, ID # and station, which she should have supplied on the day.

Clueless Idiot in Hi-Viz

A seventh officer briefly appeared on the scene outside the property, an unidentified bespectacled character with a creepy smirk who we’ll call Mystery Smirking Cop with Glasses. If he wishes to correct the record, he too is more than welcome to forward his name, rank, ID # and station.

Mystery Smirking Cop with Glasses

Of the seven officers, we were only able to determine the identities of five via court disclosure documents. Despite the law stating quite clearly that an officer must supply his details to anyone whose details he/she has requested, Timothy “Fucking Wanker!” Schroeder repeatedly refused to give his name, rank, badge number, and station.

According to Anthony’s lawyers, all the other officers present were also required to identify themselves upon request, but refused to do so. Then again, if we worked for a sleazy criminal organization like SAPOL and spent our time assaulting people for tooting their car horns instead of chasing real criminals, we’d also be too embarrassed, ashamed and disgusted with ourselves to give our names.

Interestingly, the video footage shows Linton, the Ned Kelly wannabe, telling Anthony that Schroeder did supply his details. We’ve viewed Schroeder’s body cam from start to finish and at no point does he identify himself, which makes Linton a liar.

Gee, a SAPOL cop telling lies, who ever would have thought?

This motley assortment of oxygen thieves stood there while Schroeder kept demanding that Anthony provide his license and undergo a breath test.

Anthony repeatedly refused both demands.

While all this was going on, Anthony’s elderly mother had come outside to see what on Earth was going on.

Schroeder kept asking Anthony for his details and kept asking Anthony to blow into a breathalyzer. Anthony kept refusing, and repeatedly asked just what crime he had committed. At no point did Schroeder state a specific offence.

Video footage shows Anthony clearly and repeatedly asking “WHAT WAS THE CRIME?” that he allegedly committed, and that same footage shows a bumbling, mumbling, semi-literate Schroeder repeatedly failing to state an actual offence.

Sick and tired of Schroeder’s stupidity and evasiveness, and not wanting to engage with this motley assortment of uniformed criminals any further, Anthony turned to his elderly mother and said, “Let’s go inside Mum, this is nonsense.”

As the pair turned and began walking towards the front door, the gutless goon squad entered the property and rushed Anthony from behind.

And they did so ILLEGALLY.

The law clearly states that for police to enter a property with a NO ENTRY sign, they must have a search warrant, an arrest warrant or must be responding to a clear and present danger, such as smoke billowing out of the property’s windows (in such an emergency, they must still announce their presence and intention to enter before proceeding).

None of these conditions were met on 25 September 2022.

There is one other scenario under which officers may enter a property with a NO ENTRY sign, and that is for the purpose of making a lawful arrest. What constitutes a lawful arrest is up for debate, especially when many SAPOL officers repeatedly demonstrate a clear ignorance of the law. What is not up for debate is that, upon deciding they are going to enter a property to effect an arrest, they must first announce this intention to the intended target.

Video footage of the incident clearly shows none of the officers announced their intention to enter the property to effect an arrest.

That means on 25 September 2022, Timothy “Fucking Wanker!” Schroeder, Senior Constable Linton, Senior Constable ‘First Class’ Gregory Blieden, Constable Emma Whenan, Senior Constable Paul Bailey and Clueless Idiot in Hi-Viz all broke the law. Each and every one of these officers engaged in an illegal trespass.

As they rushed Anthony, disgracefully pushing past his elderly mother, Schroeder, Linton, Blieden and Whenan attempted to grab Anthony. As a non-sleazy individual, Anthony doesn’t like creepy strangers from an organization renowned for sexual predation trying to grab at it him. Having already suffered sexual harassment by the touchy-feely Scott “Willi” Osborne in 2017, Anthony was not keen for another round of getting groped by weirdos.

And so he initially resisted their unwanted advances. As they tried to pull his arms behind his back, Anthony clasped his hands together, while the four donut-munching officers struggled desperately to pry them apart.

Video footage shows Anthony repeatedly telling the illegal trespassers to leave him alone while this was transpiring.

“I’ve got these four idiots pulling at my arms, while I stood there clasping my hands together, telling them to leave me alone” recounted Anthony. “Given their evident lack of physical strength, we could’ve stayed there well into the night playing tug of war with my arms as the rope. But it was clear these goons thought they were above the law, and the outcome seemed inevitable. I knew I was going to be arrested, even though I’d done nothing wrong.”

And so Anthony unfolded his arms. But instead of putting his arms behind his back and handcuffing him, the four stooges then tried to force him to the ground.

“So now we’re staggering around like a scrum of drunks,” said Anthony. “Again, I knew the inevitable result so I figured I’d help out the stupid goons by kneeling towards the ground.”

His reward for cooperating with these four idiots was to be pushed face first into the ground. Video footage of the incident shows super-cowards Schroeder and Linton both grabbing Anthony’s head and simultaneously ramming it into the paving.

Gutless little weasels.

SAPOL, you see, is the dumping ground for disenfranchised misfits who love to bully and intimidate but fear they’ll get their ass handed to them in a one-on-one confrontation. So they join a criminal enterprise where they can call for carloads of back up and assault people while they’re handcuffed in vulnerable positions.

How many SAPOL cowards does it take to vindictively ram one man’s head into the ground when he’s already being held face down by multiple goons? In this case, two: Mr Fucking Wanker (Schroeder, left) and Mr Fucking Smart Ass (Linton, right). By the way, just what is it with cops and beards? Is partially concealing their face with hair yet another attempt to counter their shame and embarrassment?

After deliberately ramming Anthony’s head into the ground, the gutless Schroeder and Linton can be heard yelling “STOP RESISTING!” Footage of the incident shows Anthony face down, with four goons sitting on top of him, and totally not resisting.

Knowing full well that cops are taught to say this in an attempt to cover their sorry asses and justify assaults on compliant subjects, he promptly yelled back, “I’M NOT RESISTING!”

Because he was telling the truth, numbnuts Schroeder and Linton dropped their obvious “STOP RESISTING!” scam.

Not to be deterred by Anthony’s lack of resistance, STAR Force goon Blieden then figured he’d have a crack at applying a dangerous Figure Four leg lock. A rather stupid idea we should add, because not only was it unnecessary, but if one of these bumbling goons fell on top of Anthony (by accident or design), the end result could have been a broken leg.

Anthony was then arrested by the illegally trespassing criminals.

Linton, the bogan-who-wants-to-be-a-hipster, was tasked with the job of handcuffing Anthony, and he made sure to tighten the handcuffs as tightly as possible, in order to cause Anthony pain.

When Anthony told him the handcuffs were too tight, the obnoxious smart ass that is Linton sneered, “yeah, they are, aren’t they!”

Yeah Linton, you’re a big man when the object of your demented disaffection is handcuffed and you’re surrounded by six other armed goons, but we all know if the situation was reversed, your sneering attitude would quickly vanish. You’d take stress leave/sick leave/bearded pansy leave, and file a compo claim stating you’d sustained permanent nerve damage, suffered PTSD, and that you were so traumatized you were thinking of “leaving the force.”

Which is what cops routinely do whenever anyone so much as lays a nasty fart in their direction. They’re extremely cavalier when they’re carrying guns and surrounded by back up, but take that away and they quickly become tearful sooks, even “fragile and suicidal”!

The assault took place in front of Anthony’s elderly mother. While she was filming the disgraceful display of police brutality, Clueless Idiot in Hi-Viz attempted to block her view and ordered her inside the house. Anthony’s mother, a lovely woman with more spine than all six of the law-breaking officers combined, replied “DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO ON MY PROPERTY!” at which point Clueless Idiot in Hi-Viz backed off.

Anthony was taken to a city lock-up, where a semi-literate Schroeder attempted to interview him. Despite being of Anglo-Australian persuasion, Schroeder appears to struggle with the English language and his bumbling, rambling attempts to ask what should have been simple, routine questions were met with a “no comment”. We’re not sure if Schroeder was nervous or just plain dumb (probably both), but it’s clear the recruiting standards at SAPOL are dismally low.

Anthony was eventually released on bail, but not before being ludicrously charged with “Fail to Stop, Fail to State Name and Address, Resist Police”.


So the slimeballs at SAPOL, realizing they had forgotten to fabricate a charge that justified their violent intervention in the first instance, dropped the failing to state name and address charge, and instead replaced it with a “using horn when not permitted” charge.

In addition, the shamelessly dishonest scum at SAPOL added a patently false charge of failing to stop for an alcotest.

This shows how truly sleazy, dishonest and morally bankrupt SAPOL really are. When the potty-mouthed Schroeder approached Anthony’s vehicle and asked him to pull over, at no point did he tell or even hint to Anthony that it was for the purpose of an Alcotest. As noted, he gave no reason at all for wanting Anthony to pull over, which was why Anthony simply kept driving.

The reality, of course, is that Schroeder did not have a valid reason for wanting to pull Anthony over. Being a butt-hurt little weasel who wants to avenge someone for hurting their feelings with a brief and well-deserved horn toot is not a valid reason to pull someone over.

That’s why SAPOL added in the alcotest lie. Not only did it make Anthony’s fail to stop look serious, but if found guilty he would have been facing a 12-month loss of license, which must have had the vengeful tossers at SAPOL wanking themselves silly with glee.

Problem is, Schroeder’s own body cam confirmed that he and SAPOL are shameless liars. It confirmed that he did not ask Anthony to pull over for a breath test.

Despite the absurdity of the charges, and it being perfectly clear that SAPOL are a pack of wankers who both need to get a life and start chasing real criminals instead of people who hurt their fragile feelings, Anthony was dragged through the courts for a year – and one day.

That’s right, his final hearing was held on 26 September 2023 – 12 months and one day after he was chased by nutcase Schroeder and violently assaulted by four gutless weasels.

SAPOL spent countless man hours and tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars, not to fight real crime, but to harass a man whose only crime was to toot his horn at a reckless, dangerous and terribly inconsiderate FUCKING WANKER who was causing a major traffic obstruction on North East Road.

Anthony’s lawyer advised him that, as ridiculous as they were, he would have to wear the horn toot and fail to stop charges. The alcotest charge was a blatant lie and would be easily done away with, said his lawyer (and it was).

As for the resist arrest charge, the lawyer advised that Anthony had every right to resist the assault by police because none of the six goons who entered the property announced their intention to do so in order to affect an arrest.

Prosecution, however, refused to drop the resist arrest charge, which would have necessitated the matter going to trial.

Anthony told his lawyer he was going to stand his ground, and take it to trial if necessary.

SAPOL then came back with another offer. They would drop all the fines, if Anthony agreed to plead guilty to resist arrest.

Taking the matter to trial would have meant around $3,500 in fees. Taking the matter to trial would also have meant the risk of appearing before one of the numerous misogynistic male grubs that still pollute the judiciary. While disgraced sex pests Robert “Dodgey Bob” Harrap and Simon Milazzo no longer have the ability to ruin people’s lives with shady rulings, we have it on very good authority there’s more where they came from.

The problem for someone like Anthony, a clean-living individual with a conviction for assaulting a sex pest and [alleged] rapist, is the very real possibility that his case will be presided over by a coke-snorting, alcohol-bingeing, sex predator. In which case, he’s hardly likely to get a fair hearing.

Anthony has already suffered prejudicial treatment by a male magistrate. Magistrate Fahey treated Anthony with sneering contempt after Anthony understandably snapped from enduring over nine years of sustained harassment and threats by alleged rapist and confirmed stalker Harley Johnstone.

Contrast this with the kid gloves treatment Fahey gave Lei Guo, the unhinged nutter who violently slapped an innocent waitress in a Gouger Street tea house, then followed that up with a nasty kick to her groin that dropped her to the ground. Gifting him a suspended sentence in 2021, a gushing Fahey described the violent Guo as a “good man” of “excellent character”!

So … smack a sex predator and notorious stalker who’s been harassing you for almost a decade, you’re a bad man. Smack and kick an innocent waitress who has never done anything wrong to you, and Fahey explicitly says you’re a good man!


You see, there’s the law, then there’s the demented black comedy that is the legal system.

While SAPOL indisputably disobeyed the letter of the law on 25 September 2022, magistrates and judges, appointed by the government, have a way of shuffling those letters around for purposes of ‘expediency’ (like pleasing their government masters or making an example out of someone).

Faced with this reality, and the promise of no fine penalties, Anthony grudgingly decided to bring the matter to a close and plead guilty to something he was not guilty of. He didn’t like doing so, but just wanted the whole farce over with.

The grumpy and difficult magistrate who presided over the hearing attempted to go off on a different tangent, but eventually Anthony was convicted without penalty, with only a $150 court cost imposed.

However, when he received the cost notice a week or so later, it included a demand for over $1,000, to be paid to the government slush fund that masquerades as the Victims of Crime fund!

Wow. The mafia’s got nothing on these shonks.

So there you go people. That’s what the legal system (notice how they don’t call it a justice system) and the police are really about.

If someone robs or damages your store, does a runner from your taxi, does a drive-off from your petrol station, SAPOL won’t give a damn and will do nothing.

Instead, SAPOL’s grossly overpaid commissioner, Grant Stevens, will tell you that if you think SAPOL is going to attend to such ‘trivial’ matters as shop theft and vandalism, you need to get some “perspective”!

When some gun-wielding nutter threatens you, SAPOL will again do nothing, which will embolden the gun-wielding nutter to murder you.

When a 52 year old man allegedly plies a 13 year old ward of the state with meth then sexually molests her, SAPOL will again do nothing. They won’t interview the victim despite having had seven months to do so, which will force the magistrate to set the alleged predator free. Which is exactly what SAPOL wants, because they don’t want to draw further attention to the child protection system which is a thinly-disguised pedophile racket. The primary function of the child protection system is not to protect children – we already know from continuous media reports of horrid abuse and deaths that it fails dismally on that count – but to allow pedophiles access to vulnerable children, who have no family to look out for them.

But if you toot your car horn for 1.5 seconds at some bearded pansy who is causing a clear and present danger on North East Road, SAPOL goons will fly into a rage and chase you, breaking scores of road rules in the process. Several police cars will flock to your property, a half-dozen officers will trespass on your property, assault you, load you with BS charges, and drag you through the courts for at least a year.

SAPOL, you are pure and utter scum.

SAPOL, you stink. You stink like a freshly-laid turd on a 40°C day.

SAPOL, you suck. You suck like a toothless porn star with a vaccum cleaner stuck in her throat.

And if you are wondering why the public refers to you as “the filth”, it’s because you are rotten like milk left in the fridge over 3 months after its expiry date.

And to all you cops wondering why so much of the public hates you, when you joined the force thinking the job would be all good times, pats on the back from an adoring public, and floozies with a thing for “men in uniform”, you can thank the likes of the six lawbreakers who trespassed on Anthony’s place of residence on 25 September 2022.

Three Cheers for Mr Fucking Wanker

Before closing, we must give a big congratulations to the cowardly Schroeder, for revealing the truth about SAPOL’s fraudulant road safety charade. On 25 September 2022, Holden Hill’s biggest soy boy singlehandedly proved that it’s not  about road safety.

When a traffic cop causes dangerous traffic hazards in order to raise fine revenue, then recklessly speeds down a dangerous section of road at 30 KM/H over the limit because his terribly fragile ego got hurt, meandering across the road in his road raging frenzy, he proves beyond any doubt that SAPOL’s road safety campaign has absolutely nothing to do with safety.

It is a revenue-generating scam.

With anti-heroes like Schroeder policing our roads, it’s little bloody wonder that the South Australian road toll is the highest it’s been in years. There’s no hiding from that, SAPOL, even your own figures show the road toll has increased greatly under your watch.

This time last year, 61 people had died on SA roads. As of yesterday (21 November 2023), the SA road toll already stands at 101, and we’re yet to enter the silly season. The 2023 road toll currently stands 66% higher than what it did the same time last year.

This is what happens when you hand the responsibility for road safety over to a bunch of Masonic sociopaths who pretend accidents can be prevented by calling people “Selfish Prick” and by making advertisements featuring a stunt rider falling onto a mattress on Gorge Road.

Yeah, that’ll fix the road toll.

This is what happens when you entrust road safety to a bunch of shameless revenue-raisers who happily cause traffic hazards on major arterials in order to write fines, then recklessly chase people who object to their hypocrisy with a brief horn toot at speeds of up to 30 KM/H over the limit!

The MAC weren’t exactly a pack of geniuses, but it’s hard to match the stupidity of SAPOL. When the SA Government closed down the Motor Accident Commission from July 2019, and handed the responsibility for road safety to SAPOL, the RAA warned it could “torpedo” improved road safety and risk “more senseless loss of life”.

Turns out they were right.

Well done, SAPOL, you useless FUCKING WANKERS.

3 thoughts on “Meet Sergeant Timothy John Schroeder, the Gutless, Foul-Mouthed, Road-Raging, Hoon-Driving Cop Who Assaulted a Man for Briefly Tooting His Horn

  1. I won’t give out his name. But I know someone who has suffered at the hands of this so called police officer Schroeder. He also endangered lives on the road for stating he had turned the steering wheel strangely. And then said it was a random check or whatever. It was the hottest day and he was getting groceries for his kids. This Schroeder made him lose his licence and also impounded the vehicle under the heavy vehicle act. Thank you for identifiying him. He needs to be gone from the force before he injures or kills someone.

  2. Sounds to me like the author of this drivel is a scared little weird guy. Why antagonise (beeping your horn) when nobody else did you fucking moron. I’m no cop lover but you’ve got the biggest ‘cow pat’ chips on your shoulder. If confronted with anything you created in the first place again, eat the ‘cow pay’, shut the fuck up and stroll on you jabber.

    1. Hmmm, sounds to us like the author of this comment ( is a scared little weird cop. In times of spiraling road tolls, why unnecessarily create a traffic hazard under the guise of ‘road safety’, you f**king moron? You clearly have a huge case of butt-hurt that’s causing you to lash out in a spastified fashion. Try some hemorrhoid cream, you’ll feel better in the morning. Or maybe not, your demented stupidity sounds pretty deep-seated. Now shut the f**k up and stroll on you jabber.

      By the way, how would YOU know “nobody else” tooted their horn during the incident described above???

      Nice try, you “F**KING WANKER!” lol

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