Aiden Allt, who pepper sprayed and violently bashed a restrained man, has been give a free pass by our twisted court system.

Nasty SAPOL thug Aidan Allt was back in court last Friday, for closing submissions.

Allt was captured on camera violently assaulting a fully restrained detainee, Jordan Ljubicic, who was being held down by several officers at the time.

Ljubicic had been sitting in his cell at the famously corrupt Elizabeth Police Station when he witnessed officers attempting to forcefully remove a teenage girl’s clothes in a nearby cell. He vocally objected to the officers’ behaviour, which caused them to turn on him. They removed him from his cell and held him down, at which point Allt began calling Ljubicic a “c**t”.

Allt then sprayed Ljubicic “point blank” in the face with capsicum spray, causing the restrained man to begin coughing and yelling for help.

Allt then grabbed his baton, wrapped his hand around it, and began deliberately and repeatedly striking Ljubicic in the head.

Wrapping your hands around a cylindrical object is an old tactic of street thugs, designed to ‘harden’ your fist by preventing your fingers from compressing upon impact.

Such tactics can be justified by an unarmed civilian faced with a potentially lethal threat, but a man being held face down on the ground by multiple cops can hardly be considered a deadly threat.

Allt and his legal counsel argued his cowardly and vicious attack was justified because Ljubicic was resisting while being stripped of his clothes.

Chris Edge, for the prosecution, told the court in his closing statement the conduct of Allt was criminal, which was made clear by the CCTV footage.

“The prosecution case here is that this case does not come close to the sorts of cases that can be justified,” he said.

The court heard other police officers deployed force on Ljubicic during the incident but Edge said their force was low-risk, approved techniques for particular purposes.

In addition to assaulting Ljubicic, Allt filed a fraudulent report on the incident. Edge said Allt’s report was full of “demonstrable lies” designed to make the alleged assault seem justified.

The court heard Allt claimed Ljubicic was trying to assault the police, that he deployed the OC spray from 1 metre away, and his punches were aimed at the arm area of Ljubicic but he slipped through sweat.

Edge said it was “an absurdity” that someone could make the same mistake five or six times in a row.

And just why the rogue cop needed to reinforce his fist if he was aiming at the soft tissue-rich upper arm area was never explained by Allt or his counsel.

Allt, of Salisbury, pleaded not guilty to four counts of aggravated assault.

Allt has been “suspended from duty” after an “internal investigation”.

Magistrate Roderick Jensen reserved his decision until next month.

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