Watch Another Illegal Trespass by the Useless, Arrogant Goons at SAPOL


Last week we reported on the 2021 assault of Jason Scott by a Sergeant Glen Gitsham. Upon exiting a shopping centre, Jason was confronted by the belligerent Gitsham, who demanded that Jason identify himself.

Had there been grounds to suspect Jason had committed an offense/was in the process of committing an offense/was about to commit an offense, or was able to assist in the solving of a crime, then he would have been legally required to furnish his name and address.

When Jason asked Gitsham what crime he was suspected of, Gitsham claimed “shop theft”, but would not furnish any further details.

Knowing he had not stolen anything, Jason asked upon what evidence was Gitsham basing this false accusation.

Gitsham claimed he had video evidence, but repeatedly refused to show it to Jason.

Concluding Gitsham was a belligerent bully on a ‘fishing’ expedition, Jason declined to identify himself.

Gitsham then threw Jason to the ground, while other officers rifled through his belongings.

Jason did not have any stolen property on him. Which meant Gitsham’s video evidence was of very poor quality – or non-existent.

Jason then lodged a formal complaint about the incident. His reward has been to suffer more harassment from useless goons under the employ of the highly vindictive criminal enterprise known as SAPOL.

The videos below capture an April 2021 trespass, starring a foul-mouthed Probationary Officer with the ID # 76587.

PO 76587, it must be said, is an arrogant moron. He and two other officers illegally trespassed on Jason Scott’s property, and when asked why he accused Jason of being on someone else’s property!

Jason has lived there since the house was built, but PO Moron declared that Jason had entered someone else’s property to avoid police.

The illegally trespassing PO Moron then repeatedly walked over Jason’s garden, used foul language, demanded Jason’s ID, and threatened him with arrest. Despite being on Jason’s property, he talks down to Jason and treats him like a piece of dirt.

This is how the scum at SAPOL treat innocent people doing nothing wrong and simply trying to enter their own property.

SAPOL is composed of the very worst people South Australia has to offer: Thugs, bullies, drug dealers and users, rapists, pedophiles, reckless drivers. racists and cowards.

Despite requesting Jason’s ID, which obligated him to reciprocate with his name, rank and ID # when asked, PO Moron refused to identify himself. The other two officers were a clown called Bothma and a female officer called Whitely.

If Whitely has any brains she’ll leave the rapist cesspool of SAPOL and find herself a real job.

For those of you wondering why SAPOL shows no interest in real crime and your genuine reports of theft/property damage/harassment/etc are ignored, it’s because SAPOL officers are too busy wasting everyone’s time by harassing and assaulting innocent people they’ve taken a disliking to.

The videos below capture the illegal trespass on Jason’s property.

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