Violent SAPOL Cop Aiden Allt Walks Free as Courts Continue to OK Police Brutality


Aiden Allt, who pepper sprayed and violently bashed a restrained man, has been give a free pass by our twisted court system.

SAPOL cop Aiden Allt, who cowardly pepper sprayed and bashed a man who was fully restrained by several officers while face down on the ground, has been cleared of all charges by a Magistrate Roderick Jensen.

Before we describe how this travesty of justice unfolded, we’d like to share with readers that occasionally we receive correspondence from cops clearly butt-hurt at being named on this website. The nature of the correspondence ranges from antagonistic to threatening, but our stance remains the same:

These cops have no-one to blame but themselves. If they wish to avoid being named and shamed on our website, then they should cease and desist in their shameful behaviour.

Simple really.

On November 23, 2023, we received an email from an individual identifying himself as Aiden Allt, using the email address “” (if anyone is able to confirm the aforementioned email was sent by Allt, please contact us using the contact information here).

The email was crafted in such a manner to avoid any explicitly self-incriminating content, but the intention of the email was clearly to intimidate. If this email was sent by Allt, he no doubt thinks he was being clever – but sending such correspondence whilst on trial is a terribly stupid thing to do.

Unless, of course, Allt already knew in advance what the outcome of his trial would be.

We have no proof that Allt’s trial was rigged. We do know, however, that the decision stinks like a highly sulphuric fart.

When gifting the violent Allt a complete acquittal, Magistrate Jensen gave a version of Allt’s behaviour that was at stark odds with the video evidence and that of another officer who was present during the violent assault.

Allt, 35, of Salisbury, was originally charged after being captured on CCTV violently assaulting Jordan Ljubicic, 24, at Elizabeth Police station on June 19, 2022. Ljubicic was being held in custody on low level drug charges when he observed police officers attempting to forcefully remove the clothes of a 16-year-old girl in a nearby cell.

Upset at what he was seeing, Ljubicic started yelling and kicking the door, before a direction was given by Allt to take him to the padded cells and remove his clothes (SAPOL officers seem to have a fetish for forcefully removing people’s clothes when the situation does not warrant it).

The court heard Ljubicic was then escorted by multiple police officers and, while he tensed and resisted, prosecution said he did not demonstrate violence or aggression.

Ljubicic was taken to the ground and successfully restrained.

This was not good enough for Allt, who took it upon himself to punish Ljubicic for his chivalrous intentions.

Yelling and calling Ljubicic a “c*nt!”, Allt sprayed him point blank in the face with capsicum spray. Ljubicic could then be heard coughing and yelling “help” after the OC spray was deployed in his face by Allt.

During his frenzied attack, Allt demanded another police officer to move out of the way. That officer, to his credit, declined.

“So the accused (Allt) pushes past and reaches over the (police officer), he leans down and sprays Mr Ljubicic in the face point blank with the OC spray,” said the prosecutor.

Still not satisfied, Allt then grabbed his baton, wrapped his fist around it (an old street fighting tactic used to harden one’s fist), then began raining down multiple blows to Ljubicic’s head.

Giving evidence, Senior Constable Phil Proctor told the court he told Allt “enough” after the first couple of strikes to Ljubicic.

The sickening, cowardly attack left Ljubicic “naked and bleeding from his head”.

To top it all off, Allt’s report on the incident was “riddled with proven lies” that made the alleged assault seem justified by saying police responded to a “genuine threat” from a “very dangerous prisoner”.

The court heard Allt claimed Ljubicic was trying to assault the police, that he deployed the OC spray from 1 metre away and his punches were aimed at the arm area of Ljubicic but he slipped through sweat.

All claims which the video evidence showed to be totally false.

So what kind of a person would deny this was anything but a gratuitous act of thuggery by an out of control goon with serious anger management issues?

Enter Magistrate Roderick Jensen.

In blatant contradiction to the video footage and to the testimony of Proctor, Jensen on Tuesday found Allt not guilty of four counts of aggravated assault.

“I do not consider that any of the alleged strikes was a gratuitous act of violence perpetuated by Mr Allt against Mr Ljubicic,” Jensen absurdly declared.

“Rather, they were strikes that were administered in the context of an ongoing incident that needed to be ended by an incremental increase in the nature and extent of the force used,” continued Jensen, further pushing the boundaries of credulity.

Jensen, remember, is describing violent force used against a fully restrained prisoner lying face down.

“I do not consider that the prosecution proved that Mr Allt deliberately struck Mr Ljubicic in the head.”

Ah, yes, he was aiming for Ljubicic’s “arm”, but despite repeated attempts, somehow kept hitting Ljubicic’s head. Funny that. Why he needed to reinforce his fist street-thug style if he was aiming at a soft tissue area of the body was never explained by Allt, his counsel or the reality-denying Jensen.

Jensen claimed prosecutors had not proved that Allt, who was suspended after an internal police investigation, had lied about the incident in an email sent to another police officer reporting what had happened.

“The statements made more likely reflect his best memory of the events drawn from his own perspective,” claimed Jensen.

“To the extent that the statements are not precisely consistent with the CCTV footage, the simple answer may be that Mr Allt’s recollection, although genuine, was not perfect.”

The more likely simple answer is that Allt was lying to cover his ass.

The final insult is that SAPOL has dropped Allt’s suspension and he will be allowed back to work, safe in the knowledge he can violently assault unarmed, restrained people and get away with it.

Proctor, the officer who admirably testified against Allt, will now probably face harassment and ostracision from his fellow goons at SAPOL, who possess a gang-like mentality. The experience will probably impress upon him that there’s no point in showing some spine and standing up for what’s right, but to instead just go with the crooked flow at SAPOL if he wishes to keep his job.

If a civilian sprayed a man being held face down by several of his mates with a highly caustic substance, then wrapped his hand around a length of metal and began smashing the guy repeatedly in the head, a jail sentence would be an absolute certainty.

Unless of course, the assailant had the right connections to prearrange or purchase an acquittal. It happens, and far more often than most people could imagine. When you observe one defendant receive a harsh sentence, then another receive a remarkably light or even no sentence for the same offence (or worse), do not assume it was luck of the draw.

When a magistrate or judge acquits someone in the face of damning evidence, and uses disingenuous reasoning to justify his decision, it strongly suggests the decision to acquit was determined prior to trial.

For the record, we don’t even begin to suggest that an upstanding officer like the violent Allt or his counsel took part in a rigged trial.

We don’t even begin to suggest that while the prosecution worked for a conviction, higher forces within the sickeningly corrupt SAPOL and the equally rotten Crown Solicitor’s Office acted to ensure an acquittal.

We don’t even begin to suggest that Magistrate Roderick Jensen is corrupt or biased towards police officers. We must allow for the possibility that he suffers some visual or mental impairment that prevented him from correctly registering what the video evidence clearly showed. Perhaps he was very tired or distracted when he viewed the CCTV footage of Allt’s violent attack on Ljubicic. Perhaps he takes medication or other substances that can cause adverse cognitive effects.

We don’t know.

What we do know is that the decision to completely acquit Allt is a sick joke.

It does little to uphold the citizenry’s faith in our highly dysfunctional legal system, and it further demonstrates that – contrary to all their constant whingeing – police get to operate by a very different and far more favourable set of standards than the rest of us.


Brevet Sergeant Aidan Allt found not guilty of four counts of aggravated assault after ‘failed’ prosecution of Elizabeth police station incident. Advertiser, December 20, 2023.

An SA police officer has been accused of brutally attacking a man in the cells – leaving him “naked and bleeding” – before lying on official reports to cover it upThe Advertiser.

SA Police officer Aidan Allt standing trial on four counts of assault. The Advertiser.

2 thoughts on “Violent SAPOL Cop Aiden Allt Walks Free as Courts Continue to OK Police Brutality

  1. The Magistrates are as corrupt as the rest of this In-Justice System… Including the Supreme Court which is worse.

    In the above comments. it has been written… “The statements made more likely reflect his best memory of the events drawn from his own perspective,” claimed Jensen.
    – This was said to me by Magistrate T.M. Grant years ago at the Christies Beach Court, seems pre-recorded, when I have all the proof he has made this up!

    Yes evidence has been edited, deleted and destroyed by SAPOL and the Courts..

    I am now up to applying to the Higher Court to still try and prove my innocence, as the equally rotten ‘Crown Solicitor’s Office’ have denied my Legal Papers, and done everything they can to ruin me further and are succeeding! The Crown Prosecutors, especially one in particular, have gotten away with Contempt of Court & Perjury in Court.

    I am filing Civil Lawsuits to have these rotten people held accountable and brought to Justice..

  2. Piece of shit human garbage coward, yellow as they come, little bitch with his pathetic little tuff stickers, absolute grub!

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