Corrupt SAPOL Blames Everything But Itself for Surge in Theft and Violent Crime


A shoplifter punches a worker at a suburban K-Mart in 2020. Safe in the knowledge that SAPOL routinely ignores real crime in favour of revenue-raising and harassing innocent people, thieves are becoming increasingly brazen and violent.

South Australia is in the midst of a crime wave, with theft and violent crime spiralling.

SAPOL’s statistics show theft from shops increased by 30 per cent from September 2022 to September 2023, while serious assaults resulting in injury increased by 16 per cent.

Overall, robbery and other related offences jumped by 27 per cent and offences against a person increased by 20 per cent.

Not at all surprising, given that SAPOL don’t even bother responding to shop theft and vandalism, taxi fare evasion, petrol drive-offs or even murder threats.

In 2016, Julia Trinne frantically banged on the doors of the Norwood police station for half-an-hour after her mentally ill husband took off with their 4 year-old son. Despite her clearly distressed state, the cops inside disgracefully ignored her until the station’s official opening time of 8 am. By the time the callous SAPOL finally caught up with David Janzow later that day, he had already stabbed the couple’s son, Luca, to death

SAPOL, of course, will never admit that its incompetence and sociopathic indifference is contributing to spiralling crime rates.

On December 12, SAPOL’s Acting Deputy Commissioner Scott Duval told the Advertiser a “high police attrition rate is contributing to a spike in crime across South Australia.”

The very next day, Acting Commissioner Linda Williams said increased cost of living was a contributing factor in the crime spike.

SAPOL is a criminal organization that routinely attracts the very worst that Australian society has to offer: Violent thugs, coward attackers, pedophiles, pedophile protectors, rapists, drug users and dealers, dangerous, reckless drivers, thieves, prostitutes … the list goes on.

Despite its very low admission standards, SAPOL constantly complains about being understaffed and claims it has difficulty in recruiting new officers.

For an organisation that so desperately lacks resources, it sure manages to find plenty of staff to engage in such idiocy as fining people for doing 66 in 60 zones and chasing and pack-assaulting people who briefly tooted their car horn at cowardly, foul-mouthed, hypocrite cops who unnecessarily cause dangerous traffic obstructions.

The real reason South Australia is experiencing a surge in crime is because SAPOL itself is full of criminals and malevolents whose primary concern is revenue raising, harassing those who oppose government and police corruption, and attacking anyone who makes their shift harder than it needs to be.

Relying on such people to fight crime is nothing short of insane. You can hardly expect the garbage to clean up the dump.

Instead of changing its broken ways, SAPOL believes the answer is to employ even more cops to engage in malfeasant behaviour.

In September, SAPOL moved to recruit up to 200 officers from overseas to “fast-track” the filling of “hundreds of vacancies”. The plan will target experienced police from the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand to fill “crippling shortages” in “key frontline operational areas”.

“Key frontline operations” being revenue-raising and cowardly pack-assaulting unarmed people.

Expect more of the same, people.

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