South Australia Police Officer Adam Troy Zauch Ordered to Stand Trial for Trafficking Cocaine


Adam Troy Zauch: Another cop doing his bit to keep SA cooked.

Like many SAPOL cops, Adam Troy Zauch has a unique take on “Keeping SA Safe”.

He has been ordered to stand trial on charges he sold cocaine in the city and a seaside suburb.

Zauch recently faced the Adelaide Magistrates Court charged with five counts of trafficking in a controlled drug.

The state’s chief magistrate, Judge Mary-Louise Hribal, said the charges alleged the drug in question, on each occasion, was cocaine.

She said they further alleged Mr Zauch “knew or was recklessly indifferent” as to “whether the substance was a controlled drug”.

The offences were alleged to have taken place in Adelaide and at Somerton Park.

Asked his plea to each of the five charges, Zauch replied “not guilty”.

Mr Zauch, 37, of Somerton Park, was a serving SA Police officer when he was arrested by detectives from the Anti-Corruption Section in April last year.

He was charged with having trafficked in a controlled drug on February 16, 17 and 18, and on March 3 and 4, of that year.

Zauch’s lawyer, David Hall, suggested his client should be released from his bail agreement because he “lives a considerable distance away” and “has to travel”.

The poor dear.

Judge Hribal declined both requests, noting Zauch’s bail had somehow been cancelled due to an administrative error.

“It’s a major indictable (charge) … he’s got to be on bail,” she said.

Showing up to court after his hearing had already commenced, Zauch was remanded on bail to face the District Court in April.


SA Police officer Adam Troy Zauch ordered to stand trial on five counts of trafficking a controlled drug. The Advertiser.

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