SA Police Administration Officer Eamon Dahlgren Charged With 16 Counts of Drug Trafficking


Along with sexual predation, SAPOL employees sure love their illicit drugs.

A SA Police administration worker has been charged with sixteen counts of drug trafficking after an investigation by anti-corruption officers.

Eamon Dahlgren, 25, from Mawson Lakes, appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on January 4, 2023 for the first time to face the charges.

Magistrate Jayne Basheer heard Dahlgren’s lawyers had not received full disclosure of information from the prosecution.

Dahlgren did not enter a plea.

Former SAPOL admin worker and alleged drug dealer, Eamon Dahlgren.

The case was adjourned to allow for more information to be provided and for Dahlgren to be listed in the committal court with other serious matters.

A charge sheet released by the Magistrates Court shows Dahlgren is alleged to have trafficked a controlled drug, believed to be cocaine, in multiple suburbs over the course of just over a month.

He is accused of trafficking in Port Adelaide and Angaston on September 17 while on October 8 he is accused of trafficking in Gawler, Burton and Mawson Lakes.

He is also accused of supplying or administering a controlled drug other than cannabis to a person on September 23, 2022, at Gawler.

Dahlgren was arrested on October 14, 2022, and initially charged with one count of drug trafficking.

At the time of the arrest a police release stated Dahlgren had been arrested by “anti-corruption section officers”.

He was granted bail by police to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court.

Two detectives were in court on Wednesday to watch the brief hearing before leaving with the prosecutor.

A police spokeswoman confirmed Dahlgren has since left the police force.


SA Police administration officer Eamon Dahlgren charged with 16 counts of drug trafficking. Advertiser, January 5, 2023.

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