Unhinged SAPOL Cop Bradley Moyle Captured on Video Violently Assaulting Young Woman


SAPOL is a well-known dumping ground for ex-military thugs whose life skills are limited to strutting around with a gun bullying and screaming at innocent civilians.

On August 22, 2021 one of these sociopaths, Bradley Moyle, was among a group of cops called to the Mac Hotel at Mt Gambier, whose pathetic door staff were so scared of an unarmed 20 year old girl that they called police.

Moyle and his fellow Keystone cops found the young woman drunk in the car park of the hotel, where she had been refused entry. The officers told her to go home, but she refused and said she was looking for her mobile phone and her boyfriend, who she believed may have been cheating on her.

This is the kind of melodrama that happens at pubs and clubs all around Australia every single weekend, and which could have easily been resolved with a little empathy and kindness. Sadly, these are two traits that are absolutely alien to the sociopaths at SAPOL.

The video below shows Moyle using the ‘people skills’ he learned in the military, and wholeheartedly embraced by the evil SAPOL. These include getting in a distraught, inebriated person’s face and screaming at the top of your lungs, pointing your finger in their face, then shoving them backwards into a taxi.

Yeah, that’ll calm things down.

When doing his utmost to escalate hostilities fails to de-escalate hostilities, a frustrated Moyle completely loses it. He punches the young woman while she is in the taxi, then rips her out of the vehicle and slams her to the ground.

Not content with the mental illness he has already displayed, Moyle then punches the young woman again while she is on the ground.

Wow, thank you for your service to your country, Moyle, you gutless demented thug!

This is what happens when you employ angry, maladjusted lunatics whose biggest achievement in life is defending the CIA-controlled poppy fields in Afghanistan.

Two of Moyle’s friends and colleagues, who we can only assume are liars or comedians, gave evidence that he was an honest man and a good communicator.

One of these was Constable Joshua Malic, who met Moyle while they were both in the defence force.

“I’ve never heard him to be dishonest or lack integrity at all,” Constable Malic said.

Perhaps Malic should check his hearing.

Moyle and Malic served in Afghanistan together in 2012 and 2013.

“Bradley was generally the person you went to to negotiate or mediate any conflicts,” Malic said.

Because when hostilities are spiraling out of control, it’s a nutcase who gets into screaming contests with drunk people and punches young women in the face that you need to calm things down, right?

Closing submissions will be heard in October.

Moyle has been suspended with pay since last June.


Mount Gambier police officer seen hitting woman in court video after she let go of him. ABC News.

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