Dropkick Cop Aiden Allt Back in Court, Video Shows Him Bashing Helpless Man & Calling Him a C**t


Aiden Allt, who pepper sprayed and violently bashed a restrained man, has been give a free pass by our twisted court system.

Aiden Allt (above) looks like the kind of guy who desperately wants to be a bikie, but no self-respecting outlaw motorcycle club will touch. So SAPOL gave him a job instead, such are their terribly low recruiting standards.

While he got his wish of joining a criminal gang, life at SAPOL isn’t working out the way Allt had hoped.

He’s been charged with viciously assaulting an unarmed prisoner, and then filling out a fraudulent report to cover up his criminal behaviour.

It’s not looking good for Allt, because the whole thing has been captured on camera.

That footage was played in court yesterday and it showed that our bearded bogan bikie-wannabe, like so many of his colleagues, has a rather unique way of “Keeping SA Safe”.

CCTV played to the court shows Allt’s victim, Jordan Ljubicic, 24, being held down by multiple officers in a padded cell at the Elizabeth police station.

Allt can be heard saying: “If you f***ing resist anymore, you’re going to get sprayed. Do you understand?”

He then says: “No you’re f***ing not, you’re being a c***”, to which Ljubicic replies “No I’m not”.

Ljubicic can then be heard coughing and yelling “help” after the OC spray was deployed right in his face by Allt.

Allt then takes out his baton and puts it in his hand to make a “reinforced fist” before delivering multiple punches to Ljubicic’s head.

Giving evidence, Senior Constable Phil Proctor told the court he told Allt “enough” after the first couple of strikes to Ljubicic.

In cross examination by Allt’s counsel, Proctor agreed Ljubicic, a strong man, was resisting and kicking his legs out, but refuted the claim he was “violently” resisting.

Chris Edge, for prosecution, told the court on Monday Allt was officer-in-charge at the Elizabeth police station on the day of the alleged incident on June 19, 2022.

They leave riff-raff like this in charge of police stations?

Edge said while Ljubicic was resisting he didn’t demonstrate violence and became even more compliant after the OC spray was deployed to the point where “physically he almost gives up”.

“The cells’ footage finishes with Mr Ljubicic standing in the cells naked and bleeding from his head,” Mr Edge said.

Edge said Mr Allt’s report on the incident was “riddled with proven lies” that made the alleged assault seem justified by saying police responded to a “genuine threat” from a “very dangerous prisoner”.

The court heard Allt claimed Ljubicic was trying to assault the police, that he deployed the OC spray from 1 metre away and his punches were aimed at the arm area of Ljubicic but he slipped through sweat.

Yeah, sure.

Allt, of Salisbury, pleaded not guilty to four counts of aggravated assault.

Ljubicic, who pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, was handed a suspended sentence in December last year after police found 173 fake Xanax tablets, $1275 cash and drug dealing related texts on his phone.

A SAPOL spokeswoman previously told The Advertiser the unhinged Allt had been “suspended from duty” after an “internal investigation”.

The trial before Magistrate Roderick Jensen continues.


SA Police officer Aidan Allt standing trial on four counts of assault. The Advertiser.

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