SAPOL Cop Karl Slink Convicted of Assaulting Man Out of “Rage” and “Fury”, But Avoids Jail


During a 2022 “domestic disturbance” constable Karl Slink, in classic SAPOL fashion, cowardly assaulted a man who had been taken to the ground by multiple officers.

Police went to the man’s North Haven property to make a “routine arrest” but the victim asked police to leave the property.

Magistrate Jayanthi Pandya said the victim had been “combative, aggressive, hostile”, but that former soldier Slink had abused his position as a police officer.

Slink was found guilty of aggravated assault cause harm in September after a three-day trial.

The trial found “it was the moment of the victim going to the ground that saw you, your simmering and building frustrations, and moments of poor discipline evolve into rage,” said Magistrate Pandya.

“As you tried to secure the arm of the victim, knowing of the presence of the two officers assisting you, you struck him repeatedly motivated only by fury.”

“Your actions included forceful blows on at least two occasions directly to the victim’s face, the body-worn footage shows you administered at least four strikes with a clenched fist in the direction of the victim’s upper body near where his head was positioned.”

“You then kneed the victim to his side.”

Despite his violent and unprofessional behaviour, Slink narrowly avoided jail, instead receiving a 2-year good behaviour bond.

Slink has since moved to Melbourne where he works in a hardware store. He applied for a job with Victoria Police but even they wouldn’t have him.

Slink’s charges came about after a complaint by another police officer (congratulations to that officer for showing some backbone, very rare at SAPOL).

Despite being gifted a jail-free sentence, the married father of one is appealing the verdict.

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