Hayley May Greenwood: South Australia Police Officer, Drug Dealer & Prostitute


A former South Australian police officer was jailed in April 2018 for at least 18 months for drug trafficking.

The court heard 28-year-old Hayley May Greenwood told the author of a home detention report that her offending was a “victimless crime”.

She said the prosecution against her was “silly” because she “did not sell drugs to children, only to fellow users”, the court heard.

Judge Julie McIntyre called this “extraordinary”.

“You also said ‘when you are off-duty, you are off-duty’,” Judge McIntyre said during sentencing.

“These are extraordinary things for you to have said … they demonstrate a continuing cognitive distortion surrounding your criminal behaviour.”

Greenwood’s trafficking, which took place between May and August 2015, was detected during a probe by the police anti-corruption branch and the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption.

The District Court heard she was using and selling methamphetamine while she held the position of senior constable in the South Coast Criminal Investigation Branch, based at Christies Beach.

She also failed to tell her colleagues she knew a drug-using associate of a suspect who they were investigating.

Greenwood was suspended from her duties in July 2015 following her arrest but the court heard she continued to be paid by SAPOL until her resignation four months later.

She pleaded guilty to three counts of trafficking in a controlled drug and was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in jail, with a non-parole period of 18 months.

Judge McIntyre found there was no good reason to suspend the term of imprisonment or allow Greenwood to serve it on home detention.

“It’s obvious that you were acting contrary to your oath and obligations as a police officer,” she said.

“You were in a position that required you to uphold the law, not repeatedly disobey it.”

Judge McIntyre said it was part of Greenwood’s job to detect and arrest people committing the very crime she was committing.

“Socialising with such people and selling drugs was not compatible with your role as a police officer,” she said.

“The discovery of a police officer committing drug trafficking offences is likely to undermine the confidence of the public in the integrity of the police force.”

“As a police officer you must have known more acutely than most of the insidious and dangerous nature of methamphetamine and the harm that it does to those who use it.”

“You committed these offences with that knowledge and with the knowledge of the consequences to both who you sold to and yourself if caught.”

Lifted Suppression Order Reveals Haywood also Worked as a Prostitute

Less than a month after her sentencing, it was revealed Haywood – in addition to working as a police officer and a drug dealer – also moonlighted as a prostitute called “Chase” at a brothel in Findon.

Greenwood’s alias and photos featured on the brothel’s social media accounts, all of which came to life after she inadvertently left her handbag — full of drug paraphernalia — on a street in the Adelaide CBD.

Hayley the Rapper

In 2015, Greenwood responded to her arrest by posting a YouTube video called “Sky High” in which she spoke of being “a superhero” and “wearing a disguise” like Batman.

Over footage from superhero movies and the career of basketball icon Michael Jordan, she said she “lived the dream” with SA Police.

“There’s more to life than our eyes see, if I just believe I know I’ll see I am really Batman and not me, I don’t give a f— if it’s a dream or reality, ‘cause it’s all I want to be.”

Yep, they sure know how to pick winners at SAPOL’s recruitment section.


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  1. Christies Beach police, WORSE of the WORSE!

    “in July 2015 following her arrest but the court heard she continued to be paid by SAPOL until her resignation four months later” proving that crime DOES pay! ‘resign’ and get to keep all your entitlements.

    Again, serious misconduct, serious charges yet only gets home detention.

    I wonder if “Chase” worked from home during her home detention? your all class Hayley, I am sure your parents are proud 🙂

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