More SAPOL Hypocrisy: Cop Driving With Bald Tyre Gives Motorcyclist Defect Notice for Harmless Light


Adelaide motorcyclist Theo Glibo was out riding recently when one of South Australia’s unfinest pulled him over and slapped him with a defect notice. As can be seen in the video below, the alleged ‘defect’ was a very small and thin blue light on Theo’s motorbike that posed no danger to anyone. Theo had purchased the light online and affixed it to his motorcycle as an aftermarket spruce-up.

According to the unnamed officer, who we’ll call Constable Bald-Faced Hypocrite, only police vehicles are allowed to have blue lights. It seems the overzealous revenue raiser has never seen an ambulance or fire engine before. Bald-Faced Hypocrite also failed to explain how anyone could possibly mistake a tiny thin blue light on a motorbike for the flashing blue lights of a cop car.

But the situation didn’t end with the ridiculous fine. As Theo was being booked by Bald-Faced Hypocrite, he noticed the cop’s car was sporting a badly worn tyre. Over the last month, Adelaide has made a mockery of the global warming charade, with unusually cold weather and pounding rain. While a motorcyclist sporting a tiny and harmless blue light falls into the category of “who cares?”, driving with balding tyres on wet and slippery roads poses a very real danger to both the errant driver and other road users.

Constable Bald-Faced Hypocrite, it turns out, was doing exactly that: Driving around in Adelaide’s wet weather with at least one bald tyre – a dangerous infringement for which you and I would quickly receive a defect notice. When Theo pointed out Bald-Faced Hypocrite’s blatant hypocrisy and began filming the tyre, the shady officer stepped in front of the tyre and kept moving around it in an attempt to sabotage Theo’s foootage.

The smug officer claimed he would defect the tyre “when I get back to my [inaudible].” It’s safe to say the officer never gave himself a fine, because SAPOL are the biggest hypocrites on the planet – a bunch of revenue-raising shonks who fine people for the most inane traffic infringements while they themselves drive like a bunch of ‘selfish pricks‘ (to use SAPOL’s very own terminology). In addition to driving like the hoons they claim to detest, it appears SAPOL officers are not fussed by third world-level maintenance of their own vehicles.

In response to the negative publicity generated by this display of shameless double-standards, SAPOL has issued a PR statement that reveals nothing of substance:

Those who have previously dealt with the corrupt, transparency-averse SAPOL know the above is code for:

“Yes, we know about the incident, and we are going to do absolutely nothing about it except grudgingly replace the tyres on the offending car. Nothing will happen to the officer in question and we won’t drop the defect fine against the young lad because one of our primary mandates is to raise money to help our corrupt and fiscally irresponsible political masters by extorting motorists under the guise of road safety. The truth is, we don’t give a damn about road safety, which is why we don’t punish our officers even when they drive like complete idiots. Instead, we order them to keep driving around like opportunistic predators, fining people for trivial nonsense like affixing harmless aftermarket accessories to their vehicles.”

SAPOL, as always, is a sick joke.

From May 2019: Another classic display of wet weather stupidity by a SAPOL goon of questionable sanity. Ironically, this police vehicle had DONTSMS vanity plates affixed. It’s a pity SA number plates aren’t large enough to fit DONTSWERVEACROSS3LANESLIKEARECKLESSFKWIT. 


Story courtesy of Channel 7:

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