Grant Stevens, head of the highly dysfunctional SAPOL, wearing more medals than a decorated ANZAC, despite being a coward that needs over a dozen officers to accompany him to court because he's petrified of freedom protestors (cops absolutely hate people who value and defend freedom).

If you are a deviant or aspire to be a criminal who can commit crimes with impunity, you can’t do much better than to join SAPOL.

If you get caught gratuitously and cowardly assaulting unarmed, restrained and outnumbered individuals, the courts will bend over backwards to make excuses for you and acquit you – as the recent cases of Aiden Allt, Bradley Moyle and Simon Mark Johnson prove.

If you’re a hoon-driving dickhead, why risk hefty fines, having your car crushed and even jail time when you can simply join SAPOL and drive like a complete asshole with impunity?

Are you a slimy pedophile or sexual deviant? Good news for you and your fellow creeps! You can join SAPOL, where instead of protecting kids, you’ll be tasked with ignoring and actively covering up the ongoing abuse at the taxpayer-funded pedophile ring known as Department of Child Protection.

When someone films your fellow deviants having sex in broad daylight on a public beach in front of children, as a SAPOL cop you can actively threaten the cameraman for publicly shaming the deviants!

SAPOL is a slimeball’s paradise.

That’s why, despite the untold filth and corruption that takes place at SAPOL, only 17 of its staff were ‘disciplined’ over the past year.

In most cases, the ‘punishments’ were laughable.

Limited details about the incidents – previously kept secret by shifty SAPOL – became available after Der Komissar Grant Stevens grudgingly released them in response to mounting criticism.

Disciplinary action was for harassment, bullying, dishonesty, sexual misconduct, abuse of authority, snooping in police databases, leaking of confidential information, helping criminals, drink driving, negligence and fraud.

Standard SAPOL behaviour, in other words.

A Senior Constable, traveling in a cop car with his sidekick who drove into a cyclist in order to stop him, was fined a mere $600 and ‘reprimanded’ between July 1 and September 30.

The scumbag officer “was negligent in supervising the driver and neither officer activated BWV (body worn video), provided assistance or exchanged details with the rider or made the required internal notifications of the collision.”

Records show late last year a “1st class” Senior Constable was fined $800 and reprimanded after they “involved themselves in a court case where they had a relationship with the defendant”.

“The officer improperly accessed (police) systems and other confidential information providing information to the defendant,” the report read.

Despite this inexcusable attempt to pervert the course of justice, this third rate ‘first class’ slimeball was allowed to keep his job.

There’s a staffing shortage at SAPOL, after all. With all the staff being lost to jab injuries, and all the cops who leave their overpaid job when they realize it’s not all adulation from an admiring public and drunken trollops with a thing for men in uniform, SAPOL has to hang on to all the staff it can. Even when they’re malfeasant criminal scum!

A Brevet Sergeant was fired between January 1 and March 31 this year after lodging a false insurance claim while off duty and failing to properly manage firearms. No mention was made of criminal charges for the uniformed fraudster. Easier to just fire and forget at SLEAZEPOL.

When a civilian fights an unlawful fine, however, the assholes at SAPOL suddenly can’t find it within themselves to forgive and forget.

A Probationary Constable “committed sexual offences while off duty”. PC Rapist was kicked off the force only after he was jailed for the offences.

Three cops were caught drink-driving – a behaviour that any halfwit nowadays knows not to engage in.

One of these Einsteins – a sergeant – was fined without a conviction.

Another so-called ‘1st class’ senior constable was also fined but with a conviction recorded.

A third senior constable, also laughably titled “1st class”, was convicted, fined and banned from driving.

(In the real world, “1st class” denotes top quality and service. At SAPOL, it seems “1st class” is the designation given to dysfunctional, dishonest, malevolent idiots).

SAPOL states on its website: “The South Australian community has high expectations of South Australia Police… and we have an obligation to perform our duties with honesty and integrity.”

They do indeed have that obligation, but clearly have no intention of fulfilling it.


Previously secret SA Police misconduct files reveal the misdeeds of penalised officers. The Advertiser.

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