Martin Duku: Another South Australian Police Officer Unmasked as a Sex Predator


South Australia Police officers are significantly more likely to be sex predators than the general population, as a 2016 Equal Opportunity Commission inquiry found.

The latest member of the sleazy criminal gang known as SAPOL to be exposed as a sex predator is Martin Duku, 32, of Pooraka.

The former police officer has been remanded in custody after being found guilty of indecent assault towards two women – one a serving police officer.

Duku appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Friday where he was acquitted of one charge of indecent assault, but found guilty of three other charges.

Magistrate John Wells revoked Duku’s bail and ordered he be remanded in custody.

Duku stood trial in the Magistrates Court for five charges initially.

One charge was dropped shortly before the trial started.

All the charges related to Duku’s time as a police officer serving in Port Augusta and occurred in November and December 2019.

One of the two victims in the matter was a police officer serving alongside Duku.

Mr Wells said the incidents in one of the women’s car and another at a party were found proven.

A charge relating to another woman that occurred in the victim’s bedroom was also found proven.

Kathryn Waite, for Duku, asked Mr Wells to consider releasing her client on bail after he initially remanded him in custody.

She said Duku had been on bail for three years without fault and had attended every court hearing.

She also said it was common knowledge that Duku was a police officer and now a sex offender and was likely to need protective custody.

The court heard Duku had several health issues – both physical and mental – and would ultimately ask for a suspended sentence.

Ms Waite said there were questions about whether Duku would be able to receive both psychiatric treatment and help with type-1 diabetes while behind bars.

The prosecution did not make an application for Duku’s bail to be revoked, however Mr Wells said the charge of indecent assault carried with it restrictions on his ability to suspend any sentence he might impose.

“There is no longer a presumption in favor of bail,” Mr Wells said.

Mr Wells ordered a home-detention report – saying the only way Duku would be released on bail was if he was confined to his home.

He also queried whether Duku would now be considered a serious repeat offender under state laws.

Duku will return to court next week when his release on home detention will be considered.


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