Car-Crushing PR Stunt Confirms SAPOL and SA Government Are Wasteful Morons


South Australia Police, the world’s most useless police force, confirmed its moronic nature once again on Friday morning by unnecessarily transforming an intact Holden SS ute into a near-worthless pile of scrap.

Besides satiating SAPOL’s vindictive streak and making a bunch of flabby men with little appendages feel powerful, no actual benefit from crushing cars has ever been demonstrated. To the contrary, years of car-crushing and an aggressive, industrial-scale traffic fine system have been accompanied by a runaway increase in the road toll. It’s clear the government and SAPOL are absolutely useless at improving road safety. If you’ve seen the way many cops drive, it’s not hard to work out why.

The task of improving the road toll and cutting road safety should immediately be handed over to an independent body that actually cares about human lives rather than revenue-raising.

Car-crushing, a pointless chest-beating wank, is justified on the basis that it “sends a message”.

It sure does: It confirms that while entrepreneurs and private sector workers are self-sustaining entities who innovate, produce and add to the world, governments and police are taxpayer-funded leaches who simply detract and destroy.

But if SAPOL and the government really believe crushing cars sends “a powerful message”, how about we start crushing the personal vehicles of hoon-driving police officers, like this utter lunatic who recklessly swerved across three lanes on the Southern Expressway:

Or this reckless officer, who failed to indicate before turning right in front of a scooter rider, causing damage to the scooter and injury to its unfortunate rider? The jerk cop then tried to blame the innocent scooter rider!

Or Catherine Baulderstone, the obnoxious superintendent who inexplicably drove into an innocent pedestrian – then tried to blame the pedestrian?

Or Anthony David Jonathan Skewes, who hit a cyclist with his patrol car – and instead of rendering assistance quickly fled from the scene and made sure to avoid alcohol and drug testing after the disgraceful incident?

Unlike the driver of the black Holden ute above, these reckless and remorseless cops actually did cause accidents that resulted in damage and injury to innocent people. If they drive like this while on public display, imagine how they must drive in their personal vehicles when they think no-one is watching?

In fact, if we’re going to take this crushing circus to its logical extreme, how about we start crushing the genitalia of sex offenders – including the numerous police who engage in rape and pedophilia? As a 2016 Equal Opportunity Commission report confirmed, sexual predation is unusually common in the South Australian Police force. The continued convictions of SAPOL officers for molestation of minors shows that our police just aren’t getting the message.

Crushing the dangerous implements used in their sex crimes would not only send a powerful message but provide a very real impediment to re-offending.

What do you think, SAPOL?

Don’t all jump at once, now.

It appears that after one drink too many, or perhaps one too many snorts of confiscated powders, the PR department at SAPOL experienced a burst of deluded bravado and decided to show off. They contacted every media outlet they could find in their Rolodex, and invited them to come along and watch a car get crushed.

The car belonged to one Tarelle Lewis Charles Power-Williams, another fine product of Australia’s social media generation who posts pictures of himself flipping the bird to no-one in particular. This appears to be the level of intellect at play when he was caught speeding at 253 km/h in a 110 km/h zone on the North South Motorway at Waterloo Corner on January 30 in the unregistered black Holden ute.

Power-Williams, 20, was on his L-plates when he was caught. As a learner driver, he was only permitted to drive at a maximum of 100km/h.

Power-Williams was jailed in July after being convicted of his driving offences.

His jet black Holden Commodore ute was publicly crushed on Friday, with Police Minister Joe Szakacs showing up to make sure he got some camera time. You see, with runaway crime and theft being met with complete inaction by SAPOL, it’s very important for the state’s police minister to show he’s got his priorities right. Who cares about real crime, when there’s a car-crushing spectacle taking place!


While the crushing drew supportive comments from people too dumb to understand this was nothing other than a wasteful publicity stunt, many others saw it for what it was.

Some SAPOL sycophants tried to justify the crushing by claiming the car was defective and could not be resold, or would not be worth much if sold.

“Mikhail”, for example, claimed on AdelaideNow that the petrol allegedly in the tank was worth more than the vehicle itself.

Either Mikhail is paying way too much for petrol, or he knows absolutely nothing about cars. Perhaps he works in government, and therefore knows little about anything.

The SS ute has a fuel tank capacity of just over 70 litres. At Friday’s typical fuel price of $2.02 per litre, a full tank of fuel in our ill-fated utility would cost just shy of $150.

Asking price for a 2009 SS V6 ute with 360,000 km on the clock is around $20,000. Even allowing a bit of haggling room for the black ute’s defect sticker, that’s a whole lot more than $150. Even the wheels and tyres would have raised more than what useless SAPOL will now get in scrap value for the now-useless pile of metal, rubber and plastic.

Ah, but the car was defected and therefore non-salable, protested the likes of “Brenton”:


Pickles Auctions out at Salisbury Plains sell everything from barely damaged cars to burnt out shells at their regular damaged car auctions. This is where the insurance industry offloads many of its recovered vehicles.

The vehicles are sold on an as is basis, obviously unregistered and officially unroadworthy. Whether the vehicle is restored to a state where it meets compliance standards and can be re-registered, or is stripped for parts, or cut down the middle and hung up in someone’s man cave, is totally up to the buyer. The main point is that the car would have raised far more money with far less effort and fanfare had it been auctioned.

Brenton, like many of the other woefully ignorant supporters of this stupid PR stunt, clearly doesn’t know this – but the government and police certainly do. Rather than book a crusher, ring everyone in the media who will listen, and have the Police Minister show up instead of doing some real work, SAPOL could simply have trucked the vehicle down Main North Road and have Pickles sell it for far more than the useless piece of scrap they now have.

Publicity whores Superintendent Darren Fielke and Police Minister Joe Szakacs standing idly next to a piece of scrap metal. This picture serves as a perfect metaphor for South Australian government: A bunch of inept, grossly overpaid bureaucrats with a knack for destroying everything they touch.

Thankfully, not everyone is an unquestioning dupe who believes a bunch of hoon-driving sex predators from Angas Street. Many AdelaideNow commentators saw straight through the stunt, identifying it for the wasteful, environmentally unfriendly and downright stupid act that it was.

The road toll continues to soar, and all SAPOL and the government care about is using the loss of human lives as an excuse to expand their useless revenue-raising racket. To try and make it appear they are doing something useful, they hold a truly stupid bread-and-circus stunt in which an item of value was reduced to near-worthless scrap. This might fool the likes of “Mikhail” and “Brenton”, but SA residents with a brain who don’t want to become the next road toll victim really need to ask how much longer we should put up with this nonsense?

By the way, how come some L-plater who drove like a total dick but luckily hurt no-one goes to jail and gets his car confiscated and crushed, while a far bigger shmuck who killed an innocent girl courtesy of his dangerous driving both avoids jail and gets to keep the Lamborghini (“PSYKO” number plates and all) he is clearly unfit to drive? Is it because his high-priced lawyer enjoys a ‘cordial’ relationship with the police and judiciary?

Asking for a friend…


South Australian police crush L-plate hoon Tarelle Power-Williams’ ute after caught speeding at 253km/h on North-South Motorway. The Advertiser.

Speeding L-plate hoon has car crushed after caught at 253km/h.

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