More Footage of SAPOL Thug Bradley Moyle Violently Punching 20 Year Old Girl in the Face


More footage has been published (see below) showing SAPOL cop and ex-soldier Constable Bradley Moyle violently striking a small, unarmed, 20 year old girl in the face.

Moyle, 36, is standing trial in Mount Gambier Magistrates Court charged with aggravated assault of then-20-year-old Kiara Beck in 2021.

The assault took place as Moyle and two other police officers were trying to get Beck into a taxi so she could go home after she’d been refused entry to Mac’s Hotel.

A “clearly intoxicated and emotionally volatile” Beck told police she wanted to go into the pub to find her phone and boyfriend, with whom she’d had an argument earlier that evening.

The court was told she had previously encountered Moyle that night after being ejected from the Commercial Hotel around 11.20 pm after the argument with her partner.

Prosecution said Beck was clearly “intoxicated and emotionally” volatile at the time of her second run in with Constable Moyle.

Body cam footage shows Moyle telling Beck to get in the taxi and “go home”.

“We’re very busy and you’re wasting our time,” Moyle said in the footage.

Beck, who would have struggled to squash an ant in her inebriated state, allegedly said “I’m gonna kill this person” and “this c*** is dead” while gesturing towards the taxi driver.

Beck’s behaviour is a textbook classic demonstration of why Australia really needs to grow up and drop it’s dickhead drinking culture (of which many police are notorious participants).

Nothing about her behaviour, however, justified what the unhinged Moyle proceeded to do.

In the first of the two videos below, Moyle demonstrates his complete lack of people skills when he enters a screaming match with the inebriated Beck. He points a finger in Beck’s face and warns her to “shut up, get in the car and go home, or I’m going to arrest you for disorderly behaviour”.

He then shoves her with both hands, causing her to her fall into the taxi’s back seat. When Beck kicks her legs out in response, Moyle reaches into the taxi, rips her out, throws her to the ground, then strikes her twice in the face.

The prosecution said Moyle’s actions were “an act born out of frustration and annoyance”.

“Neither of the two punches were allied with power of arrest,” prosecution said.

Moyle’s defence said Beck was up on her feet “carrying on like a porkchop right after the strikes, showing the force wasn’t unreasonable or excessive”.

The second of the two videos below shows Beck crying right after Moyle’s violent assault. Moyle’s macho wannabe of a lawyer might think that’s “carrying on like a porkchop”, but it’s exactly how most people would expect a young woman to respond after being twice punched in the face.

The court previously heard from Moyle and his defence that Beck had one of her hands on his collar and Moyle “could feel the pressure of her hand on his neck”, prompting him to deliver two “distraction strikes” to get her to release him.

On Friday, prosecutors told the court the footage showed Beck’s arm was “already restrained by one of the assisting officers”.

“Miss Beck’s hand was never on his collar,” prosecution said. “The punches were unnecessary and did not help with her arrest.”

The court also heard the defence “believe it was reasonable for Constable Moyle to resort to the two strikes” and it aligned with his police training.

So SAPOL is teaching it’s goons to violently punch restrained people in the face? Doesn’t say much about SAPOL’s training standards, and explains a lot of the violent behaviour exhibited by the force’s anti-social goons.

“The constable held an honest belief that his actions were in line with his rights to arrest her,” claimed Moyle’s misogynistic defence.

If Moyle earnestly believes this, then he is a sociopath. He confirms he has absolutely no place working as a police officer. Anyone who believes it’s okay to repeatedly punch a small, unarmed woman who ultimately poses no threat, simply because she’s being annoying, probably has no place outside of an asylum.

A masked Moyle leaving court. Cops love hiding their faces with masks and beards.

War’s over, Moyle. You’re not in Afghanistan any more, where soldiers can intimidate, scream at and assault innocent civilians with impunity. Your interaction with Beck was an absolute disgrace, and you should be truly ashamed. You have no place as a first responder if you think smacking young women in the face is a “reasonable” response and “in line with your rights”.

Below are the two videos capturing Moyle’s anger-fueled attack on Beck.


Mount Gambier police officer Bradley Moyle awaiting verdict on charges he assaulted drunk woman during arrest. The Advertiser.

Constable Bradley Moyle trying to avoid arresting drunk woman he allegedly shoved and punched in the face, court hears. The Advertiser.

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