Police Thug Walks Free: Bradley Moyle Cleared of Assault Despite Bashing 19YO Girl


The trend of magistrates and judges green-lighting gratuitous police violence continues.

Constable Bradley Moyle, 37, was clearly caught on camera shoving a 19 year old Kiara Beck into a taxi, then forcefully pulling her back out and throwing her to the ground, where he then punched the defenseless girl twice in the face.

Another of the two officers can be heard gasping in shock at Moyle’s violent outburst, and both officers can be seen trying to grab the unhinged Moyle’s arm in a futile attempt to stop his frenzied attack.

It was a disgraceful, cowardly and extremely unprofessional act by Moyle.

Moyle, a former soldier, attacked Beck after he engaged in a screaming match with her. Surprised at the realization that you can’t win an argument with a drunk the way you can easily terrify innocent Afghan civilians at gunpoint, he then decided physical violence was the way to uphold “law and order”.

At a recent trial hearing, Magistrate Koula Kossiavelos acknowledged Moyle, 37, used excessive force.

But instead of sentencing him accordingly, she found him not guilty of three counts of aggravated assault, saying he was acting “honestly” in trying to prevent a breach of the peace.

We’ll see how that argument works out the next time an obnoxious cop gets in our faces and we act honestly to prevent a breach of the peace, uphold our right to free passage without harassment and preemptively avert the very real threat of police brutality.

Moyle’s gift verdict comes after the smelly acquittals of Sergeant Simon Mark Johnson and Aiden Allt, both of whom were caught on camera cowardly assaulting fully restrained and outnumbered victims.

In what was clearly a rigged and prearranged decision, Magistrate Roderick Jensen used absurd and disingenuous reasoning that flatly refuted the unmistakable video evidence in order to acquit Allt.

Ware gratuitously kicked a car thief five times after he was already restrained and compliant, while he was on the ground and handcuffed. If a civilian kicked some hoon-driving lunatic five times while restrained on the ground, he’d be off to jail. Why the special treatment for a cop, who was surrounded by back up and facing no present danger?

In 2023, a magistrate agreed Karl Slink, another former soldier with anger management issues, repeatedly assaulted a man out of “rage” and “fury”. But again, despite committing an offense that would see the rest of us lumped with jail time, Slink slinked away with a 2-year good behaviour bond.

Why is it OK for cops – who are paid extremely well despite their generally low IQs and lack of formal qualifications – to let off steam by gratuitously bashing people, while the rest of us get jail time far far less serious (and non-existent) offenses?

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