Meet Andrew McCracken, the Aggressive Revenue-Raising Cop Who Proves What SAPOL Is Really About


Aggressive revenue-raiser Andrew McCracken, another predatory SAPOL cop whose idea of policing is to milk the public of as much of its hard-earned money as possible.

Meet Andrew McCracken, the kind of cop we all love to hate. The kind who only smiles when he’s edging closer to meeting his fine quota by giving a law-abiding citizen a crippling financial penalty for committing some arbitrary ‘offence’, like doing 58 km/h on a poorly signed road that used to have a 60 km/h limit.

McCracken is the wonderful humanitarian who penned the demented 2011 email below, while he was a senior sergeant at the hopelessly corrupt and criminally incompetent Holden Hill police “complex” (the rabble who work there do indeed have a complex, as you’ll see in a moment). The email was sent to patrol officers under McCracken’s command, ordering them to meet quotas for the number of arrests, drink driving reports, traffic and drug offences in a five-week ‘blitz’.

“Blitz” is SAPOL code for “fund-raising drive”.

McCracken warned: “Those who cannot or choose not to reach these benchmarks will need to provide an explanation to their sergeant and me.”

“As stated, though, this is not hard and easily able to be reached and maintained – 99 per cent of you will have no difficulty reaching the standard and blitzing it.”

Nowhere does McCracken order his officers to crack down on gang or violent crime, or to exhaustively follow up on theft or burglary reports. This does not generate revenue for SAPOL and its government masters, so this kind of police work takes a distant back seat to money-generating activities like issuing traffic fines.

If the predators at SAPOL got as excited about real crime as they do about fining everyday civilians, they might have got off their fat lazy asses and prevented the murders of Christopher Stuart Wilson, Zahra Abrahimzadeh and four-year-old Luca Trinne.

The state coroner found that the idiots at SAPOL made forty-nine “blunders” in the lead-up to Wilson’s 2008 murder.

While tooting your car horn at a gutless pansy like Sergeant Timothy Schroeder when he’s causing a clear and present road danger gets you arrested, bashing your wife and adult daughter and threatening to kill your family doesn’t warrant an arrest in South Australia. As a result, Ziaolleh Abrahimzadeh remained free to approach his estranged wife Zahra at the Adelaide Convention Centre on the evening of 21 March 2010, and repeatedly stab her to death in a frenzied attack occurring in full view of shocked onlookers.

When Julia Trinne ran to the notoriously arrogant Norwood police station in 2016 after realising her mentally ill husband had taken four-year-old son Luca, she frantically banged on the station doors for half-an-hour. In true pigheaded government fashion, the cops inside didn’t bother attending to the clearly distressed woman because the station didn’t officially open until 8am.

SAPOL is manned by cold, callous, lazy and inhumane assholes. Many of them have blood on their hands, but they never pay the price for their deadly indifference. Instead, the anti-social goons at SAPOL get to relentlessly hound you for trivial and even non-existent ‘offences’.

Doing real police work would also mean actual physical and mental exertion, something the Maccas- and Krispy Kreme-munching malevolents at SAPOL try to avoid at all costs. The only time SAPOL members enjoy physical exertion is when it involves coward-attacking subjects while they are restrained, handcuffed and heavily outnumbered by low-IQ SAPOL goons. This gives them a feeling of power and allows them to momentarily forget about the losers they really are. It allows them to momentarily escape from the reality that, without the gun and badge, they are non-achievers who would struggle to succeed in the private sector, where arrogance, bullying, sexual predation, blatant dishonesty, clown-level incompetence, racism and non-productivity are generally frowned upon, instead of rewarded.

It’s much easier for cops to ignore real crime, and instead prey on the far more lucrative low-hanging fruit. This is why Australian policing is geared towards fining motorists for arcane and trivial offences (while cops themselves continue to drive like dangerous loons), or deliberately getting under people’s skin in order to get a rise out of them, then hitting them with the old “resist arrest” and “assaulting a police officer” scams, which they disgracefully pin on people who naturally recoil in self-defense when a bunch of sleazy uniformed bullies start grabbing at them for reasons that have nothing to do with maintaining a peaceful, safe society.

As McCracken states in his email, preying on motorists to meet fine quotas is “not hard and easily able to be reached and maintained”.

There it is, straight from the horse’s mouth. It’s the lazy, cowardly, money-grubbing approach to policing – and it’s the default SAPOL approach.

That’s why you will probably be treated like dirt when you visit Holden Hill police station for help with a real crime. We say “visit” because it’s impossible to contact these idiots over the phone – they have cleverly installed a phone system that makes them uncontactable.

Here are reviews by people who have had the misfortune of dealing with the useless automatons at Holden Hill police.


So what happens to a cop like McCracken who is publicly outed in a prominent newspaper as a shameless and aggressive revenue-raiser?

Does he get fired? Or demoted? Or even reprimanded?

Of course not.

At shonky SAPOL, he gets promoted!

McCracken’s greying, weathered mug was all over the news the other night, proudly telling the media about a large theft haul that SAPOL recovered thanks to a report from a sharp-eyed citizen.

Those news reports reveal McCracken is now a “Chief Inspector” and “Northern District operations manager “.

Instead of being penalized for prioritizing revenue-raising over fighting real crime, McCracken has been rewarded with both an increase in rank and pay. This is because he is behaving just as SAPOL want him to. Just like the mafia, SAPOL values and preferentially promotes members who bring in the money.

SAPOL is ecstatic about the recent haul at Burton. Not because it will be able to return the stolen goods to their original rightful owners, but because it knows much of the bounty will remain unclaimed and therefore SAPOL will be able to get Evans and Clarke to auction it off. This will generate even more revenue for SAPOL and the state government, who will then use the money both to give themselves undeserved pay increases and to fund the installation of even more speed cameras to further sting you when you lapse into the natural human state of driving at a safe speed for the surrounding conditions instead of the arbitrary and artificially low posted limit.

Contact SAPOL about a theft that doesn’t offer them any financial gain, and they won’t be interested. We are aware of two theft cases where the victims located their bikes, reported this to SAPOL, and were met with complete disinterest.

In one case, the victim was tipped off that a drug addict scumbag living nearby had stolen their bike. The victim took a peek over drug addict scumbag’s fence, and sure enough, there was the bike. The victim immediately reported this to useless SAPOL, who said they couldn’t do anything.

The victim was then left with no other alternative but to personally retrieve the bike. Unlike SAPOL, who strut around with a paramilitary arsenal strapped to their waists, this victim ran the risk of personal injury when retrieving what was rightfully theirs.

In another case, the theft victim saw their bike advertised on a popular internet marketplace. They contacted the police right away, and was told SAPOL would “try” and get someone to look at it.

No-one from the useless SAPOL ever looked at it.

SAPOL claims it doesn’t have the resources to retrieve your stolen goods, but the garbage agency does have the resources to extract money from you in the form of fines and false arrests.

It also has the resources to protect the idiotic antics of its socially inept officers. Toot your horn at a revenue-raising jerk like the gutless, potty-mouthed Sergeant Timothy Schroeder (another “FUCKING WANKER!” brought to you by the Holden Hill clown complex) while he is deliberately causing a major traffic obstruction in a well-known traffic black spot in order to fulfill his expiation ‘benchmarks’, and six carloads of useless uniformed morons who don’t know the law will promptly arrive at your property, perform an illegal trespass, assault you and arrest you on trumped up charges.

Try getting six carloads of these wankers to your house after you’ve been burgled. Heck, try getting a single police car to your house when someone is threatening you.

Good luck with that.

SAPOL is the unwanted gift that keeps on taking. A big, steaming, corrupt pile of faeces with the gall to plaster “Keeping SA Safe” on the side of its cars, while it rips you off, unlawfully assaults you, sells drugs to your kids, profits from the inhumane sex trade by extorting brothels (and demanding sexual favours from the workers) and framing you for things you didn’t do when you dare point out its wanton corruption.

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